CBB Interview with Father Donald Kinney

Bishop Patrick Ahern, author of Three Gifts of Thérèse of Lisieux: A Saint for Our Times, passed away on March 19, 2011. He served as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New York from 1970 to 1994. He was widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on the spirituality of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Father Donald Kinney who personally knew Bishop Ahern and knows a good bit about Saint Thérèse himself. What follows is our exchange on Thérèse, Bishop A … [Read more...]

Weekly Giveaway – Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux : A Saint for Our Times

This week, Image Books has kindly agreed to sponsor the giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a copy of their newest release, Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux : A Saint for Our Times by Bishop Patrick Ahern. Click here to read my review of this book. I use Rafflecopter to run my giveaways which makes it simple for you and me! Click below to enter. The contest starts at midnight tonight EST and will end 12AM EST Friday 2/14 with a winner being announced later that day. Good Luck!a R … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux : A Saint for Our Times

Saint Therese of Lisieux is perhaps one of the most well loved saints even to this day. The late Bishop Patrick Ahern wrote, and Image Books has just released, a wonderful book on Therese titled Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux: A Saint for Our Times. The book is a short but powerful read that is valuable resource on this great saint. At its heart this book is a very informative overview of the life of Saint Therese. Bishop Ahern however took the project one step further. Throughout the book … [Read more...]