TOBP #007: Camerado I Give You My Hand with Maura Zagrans

The Open Book Podcast Episode 007Podcast: Download (Duration 30:54 – 28 MB) This episode’s guest Maura Zagrans and I discuss Camerado: I Give You My Hand and her vision for a Camerado Corps. Links Mentioned in this Episode: Maura's website Here you can find a link to CBS report we mention in this episode Purchase a copy of Camerado, I Give You My Hand. Music for this episode provided courtesy of Sam Rocha from his album Late to Love.  The intro song is Genesis T … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Maura Poston Zagrans

Recently I completed my review of Maura's latest book Camerado, I Give You My Hand. That review can be found here. Below is our delightful interview exchange we recently completed.Q: Could you tell my readers how you found out about Father David Link and what inspired you to tell his story in your new book Camerado, I Give You My Hand?A: I was at the University of Notre Dame on April 29, 2010. My first book, Miracles Every Day (Doubleday Religion, June 2010) had not yet been released. At … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Camerado, I Give You My Hand

Camerado, I Give You My Hand: How a Powerful Lawyer-Turned-Priest Is Changing the Lives of Men Behind Bars is one of those books that tells an incredible personal story. Author Maura Poston Zagrans has brought to the readers the moving story of Father David Link. From lawyer, to college dean, father, widower and now priest. It is a story that has to be read to be believed.Maura takes the reader through the incredible life story of Father Dave in this well written and easily read volume. You … [Read more...]