Enrich your knowledge of the Mother of God

Don’t know much about Mary? Maybe you have a great devotion to Mary, but you still have a lot of questions? The Church has been quite clear in her teachings and dogma in which the teach the faithful the importance of Mary and her role as Mother of God. These teachings and tradition have spanned the churches 2000-year history and can be hard to piece together for the average person. In his latest book Behold Your Mother - A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines, Tim Staples c … [Read more...]

CBB Lenten Library Building Mega Giveaway!

Lent is perhaps the most powerful season on the Church calendar for reflection and self-education. I wanted to make it possible for someone to have the resources for enrichment this Lent and beyond. That was the idea behind this, the BIGGEST giveaway I have done at The Catholic Book Blogger yet. Twelve publishers have agreed to participate in my first Mega Giveaway . Be sure to visit theri websites and support them by purchasing some of the great books they bring to the public. One lucky winner … [Read more...]