CBB Featured CD – More Advent talks from Lighthouse

It's week two of Advent. Take advantage of these great talks by Lighthouse Catholic Media. Here's what I plan on listening to this week ....how about you?Click the cover image above  to purchase this talk  as either a CD or MP3 download. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's books, tapes, homilies, retreats, and television series have inspired countless souls all over the world. This digitally-mastered presentation combines classic recordings of his timeless reflections on the meaning of the I … [Read more...]

CBB Featured CD – Recommended Titles for Fall

This week I'm highlighting a few Lighthouse Catholic Media titles that I have found to be very good. If you have not heard them yet I highly recommend each of them.Click the cover image above  to purchase this talk  as either a CD or MP3 download.Well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ's Paschal Sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of the Jewish Passover meal. He draws a symbolic parallel to the Last Supper a … [Read more...]

2013 Catholic Book Blogger Top Picks

2013 was my first full year of blogging at The Catholic Book Blogger so this marks my first opportunity to look over a full year of the books I have read. It was quite a year of reading some great books and here are my top picks for the year (in no particular order). This by no means lessens the others, these just stood out to me as the best.Faith of Our Fathers: Why The Early Christians Still Matter and Always Will Author: Mike AquilinaPublisher: Emmaus Road PublishingThis is a … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Father Larry Richards

On August 2,3 and 4, I attended the 2013 Corpus Christi Men's Retreat held at Mount Saint Mary's University in Emmittsburg, MD. The retreat leader for the weekend was Father Larry Richards. After dinner Saturday evening, Father Larry graciously took some time to sit with me for an interview. What follows is that interview.Q: Is it difficult for you to switch from your speaker mode to writing a book?  A: If you ever read the books it is very much like my speaking mode. That is why everybody … [Read more...]