CBB Interview with Father James Martin, SJ


PETE: Your new book Jesus: A Pilgrimage for lack of better words is massive. How much time went into writing this book?FATHER JAMES MARTIN: In a sense, I’ve been working on it for 25 years—ever since I entered the Jesuit novitiate in 1988. It was then that I started to study and pray about Jesus in earnest. But the book itself took me about five years from start to finish. But every day I worked on it was a joy—truly!PETE: What research is required for a work of this magnitude?F … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Kevin Vost


PETE: Your book The One Minute Aquinas: The Doctor’s Quick Answers to Fundamental Questions is quite an ambitious project. How were you able to whittle Aquinas’ thought down to bite size pieces?KEVIN VOST: My first piece of writing that ever made it to print was an essay for a college English course on Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  It just so happened that I had actually saved and collected many thousands of pennies as a child and a teen, but my twist … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Kerry Walters


PETE: As the titles suggest, your books on Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II are short but packed with great info on the lives of these two inspiring men. Can you give us some idea of what it took to write these "short" biographies?KERRY WALTERS: In some ways, writing “long” biographies of the two popes would’ve been easier.  The aim of the two books is to offer readers concise but informative and entertaining—and hopefully inspiring—portraits of the two most influential pontiffs of the t … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Daniel Horan, OFM


PETE: The preface of your book The Last Words of Jesus: A Meditation on Love and Suffering outlines how this book came to be. For those who have yet to get it can you describe the process. DANIEL HORAN: Well, back in 2011 the Franciscan friar in charge of organizing the Holy Week services at St. Francis of Assisi Parish on West 31st Street in Manhattan approached me with an invitation to be the annual preacher for the “7 Seven Last Words.” It is a tradition I was familiar with, but I had never a … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Chris Lowney


PETE: You mention throughout your book Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, how leadership skills are not only for the business world but apply to parenting as well. How can parents benefit from reading this book? CHRIS LOWNEY: I always use one of the dictionary definitions of leadership: to point out a way or direction, and to influence others. By that definition, everyone has a leadership opportunity, because we are all ‘pointing out a way’ by virtue of the values we role model, for ex … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Father Dwight Longenecker


PETE: You have said Romance of Religion took you some 10 years to complete. Why so long and can you take us through the writing process involved?FATHER DWIGHT LONGENECKER: My writing process is usually pretty quick. I have an idea, then an outline, then I fulfill the outline. This time I got started, then I was interrupted with other life events and other writing projects. I was also unclear at the outline stage where exactly the book was going. As I began to do more work on myth and stories … [Read more...]