Know God, know love; Angels: Day 293

If  you love your brother, says St. Augustine, you know God—because  God is love. Love is what binds us together with the angels. When you are filled with love, you really are filled with God, and you know God more intimately than you can know your closest friend.No one should say, “I do not know what I love.” Love your brother, and you will love that same love. For you know the Love you love with more than you know your brother—so now you can know God more than you know your brother. Clearly … [Read more...]

We restore the ranks of the angels; Angels: Day 292

The fall of the angels left a gap in the heavenly hierarchy, says St. Augustine, and the redemption of humanity will fill that gap.The redemption of mankind rebuilds the ruins left by the fall of the angels. Of course, the holy angels, who learn from God (for they are blessed with eternal contemplation of God’s truth), know how many of the human race are required to fill up the full census of that commonwealth.This is why the apostle says that all things are restored to unity in Christ, “ … [Read more...]

Equal to angels – but not; Angels: Day 291

If  we’re to be like the angels, who have no bodies, then what becomes of  the resurrection of the body? St. Methodius of Olympus  explains that we’re to be equal to angels, but not identical. Our nature will never be other than human.Here’s another point you should consider, Aglaophon—for you’re very much misled here, if you’ll forgive me for being blunt when the subject is so important. You said that the Lord declared plainly that those who gain the resurrection will be as the angels (Matt. … [Read more...]

Equal to angels; Angels: Day 290

Answering the resurrection-denying Sadducees who tried to trip Jesus up with a tricky question about marriage in the life to come, Christ says that in that future life we will be equal to the angels (Luke 20:27-40).  That tells us, says St. Cyril of Alexandria, what our blessed life of the future will be like.“The sons of this age,” Christ says—those, that is, who lead worldly carnal lives, full of fleshly lust—for the procreation of children “marry and are given in marriage”; but those who h … [Read more...]

Contemplation should direct action; Angels: Day 289

Contemplation, says St. Augustine, is the highest part of  reason, which is the highest part of the soul, which is the highest part of our nature. In everything we do, then, we should be guided by our contemplation of God.Each of us, we know, consists of soul and body; but so does a beast. Again, it is plain that in the order of nature the soul is superior to the body. More- over, in our own souls there is reason, which does not exist in a beast. Therefore, as the soul is superior to the b … [Read more...]

Eyes such as angels see with; Angels: Day 288

Didymus was a famous theologian who had been blind since childhood. The historian Socrates Scholasticus recounts his many accomplishments,  and then tells us about a famous piece of  advice St. Anthony gave to this  illustrious scholar.About the same period God brought into observation another faithful per- son, deeming it worthy that through him faith might be shown: this was Didymus, a most admirable and eloquent man, instructed in all the learning of the age in which he flourished. At a ve … [Read more...]