CBB Interview with David Calvillo

PETE: For those unfamiliar, can you take a moment to explain your apostolate Real Men Pray the Rosary and your influences in starting it? DAVID CALVILLO: Real Men Pray The Rosary, Inc. is an apostolate formed to “promote the Rosary with conviction… in the light of Scripture, in harmony with the liturgy, and in the context of our daily lives.” That mission statement is derived directly from the 2002 Apostolic Letter issued by Pope John Paul II on the Rosary.The apostolate was formed in the … [Read more...]

Real Men Pray the Rosary : A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

David Calvillo along with his wife are founder of the apostolate Real Men Pray the Rosary. In this book Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful PrayerDavid takes it from his Texas home to the national stage.David begins the early part of the book telling the story of his (as he refers to is as) “Saul conversion story” through the prayer of the Rosary. In Chapter 2 titled “A Prayer for Men”, he follows up his own story with those of other men. This section will truly make you … [Read more...]