CBB Review – Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship


There are a number of books out that detail the life of Mother Teresa. Many of these take a distant look at her life and works but a few offer a more intimate portrait of this saint from our own times. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle knew Mother Teresa for ten years. She relays that time in her book Mother Teresa and Me: Ten Years of Friendship.The book opens with Donna-Marie describing her chance encounter. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated an encounter with a recipient of the … [Read more...]

CBB Review – The Catholic Advantage: Why Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful


Sometimes a book passes in front of me that approaches a topic that I would not actively search out to read about. The Catholic Advantage: Why Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful is one of those books. As is usually the case by the end of the book I am glad I gave it a chance. Author Bill Donohue gives a compelling argument on how one’s view on religion and their religious practices can impact their health and overall outlook on life. He bases his theory around what he calls the Th … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Slubgrip Instructs: Fifty Days with the Devil


In 2009 Fr. Dwight Longenecker first introduced readers to the diabolical Master Templar Slubgrip. In the book The Gargoyle Code: Lenten Letters between a Master Tempter and his diabolical Trainee, Slubgrip writes daily to his trainee devil Dogwart. He gave advice to Dogwart on how to tempt a young Catholic. The book is clearly a tip of the hat to C.S.Lewis’ classic The Screwtape Letters. If you enjoyed your first encounter with Slubgrip you will be pleased with Fr. Longenecker’s latest book Slu … [Read more...]

CBB Review: 40 Days, 40 Ways: A New Look at Lent


Lent is a time for renewal…of new birth. It is a time to focus on making ourselves better and is so much more than giving up chocolate or soda. In his latest book 40 Days, 40 Ways: A New Look at Lent, Marcellino D’Ambrosio does exactly what the title suggests. He takes a fresh look at Lenten practices and provides readers with 40 activities they can partake in to cultivate spiritual growth. It’s a book that is well –suited for Lent but quite frankly can be used anytime of the year when you need a … [Read more...]

CBB Review: The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church


Former atheist, convert to Catholicism, and now nun, Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble uses her own story as the backdrop to teach us how to welcome others back to the faith. In her new book The Prodigal You Love: Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church, she counsels reader on the do’s and don’ts of trying to bring those close to us back to the faith. What she accomplishes is a mission manual for evangelizing the dechristianised of our own family and friends.Taking her own words you can almost hea … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Verbum Foundation 6


If you have any desire to enter into deep study of scripture than look no further than the line of products offered by Verbum. Haven't heard of Verbum? Than this review is for you. Verbum is the Catholic version of Logos Bible Study software. They have recently released version 6 and to sum it up in one word this software is powerful.The core of the software begins with your library. This review will be based on the Verbum 6 Foundation library. When you first open Verbum you are greeted … [Read more...]