Will there be food in Heaven?; Angels: Day 337

Christ ate food in his resurrected body, says St. Augustine, and even angels in the Bible have really eaten. They do so not because they need to eat, but because they can; it’s a free exercise of their superior power. St. Augustine speculates  that the same will be true of our glorified bodies after the resurrection.Is there any contradiction between the fact that Christ ate food after his resurrection, and the doctrine that in the promised resurrection state there will be no need of food? Af … [Read more...]

An eternal body for mingling with the angels; Angels: Day 336

We believe in the resurrection of the body. But we won’t all rise with the same bodies, says St. Cyril of Jerusalem. What kind of eternal body we get depends on how we lived our lives here on earth.We’ll all be raised with eternal bodies. But not all our bodies will be alike. If you’re righteous, you’ll receive a heavenly body, so that you’ll be able to mingle with the angels. But if you’re a sinner, you’ll receive an eternal body fitted to en- dure the pains of sins, so that it may burn eter … [Read more...]

Like angels, but not exactly like; Angels: Day 335

Even in paradise, says St. Methodius, we will have bodies, which distinguishes us from angels. Christ did not say that we would be angels, but like angels.Thus it was that, having contrived the parable about the woman and the seven brothers, that they might cast doubt upon the resurrection of the flesh, “The same day Sadducees came to him, who say that there is no resurrection” (Matt.22:23).If there had been no resurrection of the flesh, but the soul only were saved, Christ would have … [Read more...]

Our redemption benefits the angels as well; Angels: Day 334

Because of our sin, says St. Augustine, there was a wall of hostility between us and the angels. So in redeeming us, Christ gave the angels a great benefit as well: he made us their friends again.We will not know the other part of the Church as it really is—the part made up of the holy angels and the powers of God—until, at the end of the age, we join it to have eternal bliss along with it. We know the other part better because we’re in it: the part that is separated from the heavenly fellows … [Read more...]

Angels don’t ask about your income; Angels: Day 333

When Christ sends the angels to gather his chosen people, says St. Cyril of Jerusalem, it won’t matter at all whether you’re rich or poor. On earth, Christ was poor himself, so he won’t forget the poor among his elect.That King, so great and glorious, attended by trains of  angels, who shares the Father’s throne, will not despise his own servants.His elect will not be confused with his foes: “and he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the … [Read more...]

Trust in God’s justice; Angels: Day 332

God judged even the angels justly, says St. Gregory the Great, so we should have no doubt that he will judge us justly.When we have doubts about the things that are done concerning us, we should look at others that we know well, and quiet that grumbling of the thought that came up because of our uncertainty.Look then: scourges bring the elect back to life, but not even scourges keep the wicked from doing evil. So Almighty God’s judgments on us are very secret, and not unjust.But if we … [Read more...]