Angels guide the unborn child; Angels: Day 215

Even Roman superstition, says Tertullian, admitted that the unborn child was a human being—otherwise why would all those mythical goddesses have been assigned to guide the embryo? Christians  know that the developing fetus is a living human, and Tertullian believes that the angels guide its development.Now the entire process of sowing, forming, and completing the human embryo in the womb is no doubt regulated by some power, which in all this serves the will of God, whatever may be the method … [Read more...]

When do we get guardian angels?; Angel: Day 214

Origen, one of the Church’s earliest theologians, tries to work out the truth about guardian angels. When are they assigned to us? He finds several passages in Scripture that seem to indicate we have them from birth.We might ask at what time those who are called “their angels” assume guardianship of the little ones pointed out by Christ. Did they receive this com- mission to discharge concerning them, when, by “the washing of regeneration” (Tit. 3:5), through which they were born as new-born … [Read more...]

Everyone has a guardian angel; Angels: Day 213

Even children of adultery, says one of the characters in St. Methodius’s  Banquet of  the Ten Virgins, have guardian angels caring for them,  because,  as human beings, they are “copies  and living pictures of Christ.”Nature could not accomplish such a great work in such a little time with- out divine help. Who gave the bones their fixed nature? Who bound the soft members with muscles, to be extended and relaxed at the joints? Who made channels for the blood, and a soft windpipe for the breat … [Read more...]

Martyrs like a legion of angels; Angels: Day 212

In a very dangerous time for orthodox Christians and the whole Roman Empire, St. Ambrose reminds us that we always have helpers to protect us. Just as Elisha  could count on a legion of  angels, we have the legions of  the martyrs on our side.Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus, that at this time, when your Church re- quires greater guardianship, you have raised up for us the spirits of the holy martyrs.Let all be well aware what kind of champions I want: the kind who act as protectors, not as … [Read more...]

We’re surrounded by protection we can’t see; Angels; Day 211

During a tense time in Milan, St. Ambrose reminds his flock of a story from the Old Testament. The king of Syria wanted to attack Israel, and decided to silence the powerful prophet Elisha first. Elisha’s servant feared the army coming against them, but Elisha showed him the angelic hosts arrayed for their protection.Now here’s an example from the Old Testament.Elisha was being pursued by the king of Syria, who sent an army to capture him. He was surrounded on every side. His servant star … [Read more...]

Know your angels; Angels: Day 210

A very early Christian writing, The Shepherd of Hermas, gives us the famous image of the good and bad angels competing for our attention. In a vision, a glorious shepherd explains to the author that you can tell the angels apart by the suggestions they give you.“Hear now,” he said, “about faith. There are two angels with each per-son—one of righteousness, and the other of wickedness.”And I said to him, “How, sir, am I to know the powers of these? For both angels live with me.”“Hea … [Read more...]