Questions given, questions answered

Questions, questions, questions. We all have them, and we certainly have plenty about the faith. No one will ever have the answer to every possible question in the Catholic faith. This is why I thoroughly enjoy resources that allow me to expand my knowledge about the faith. A Priest Answers 27 Questions You Never Thought to Ask by Father Michael Kerper is one of those books that provides the answers. At least 27 of them as the title alludes to!In the pages of the book, Father Kerper has … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 026 with Father Michael Kerper

Father Michael Kerper grew up in Philadelphia, attended Catholic schools as a boy, and then studied politics and economics at La-Salle University, labor relations at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and moral theology at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Ordained in 1985 for the Diocese of Manchester, Father Kerper has worked as a parish priest throughout New Hampshire.Father Kerper and I discuss his book from Sophia Institute Press A Priest Answers 27 Questions Yo … [Read more...]

Timely strategies for dealing with suffering

One thing is certain in this life. We are going to suffer. Sometimes the suffering can be physical, and at others it is spiritual. A thousand questions will cross our minds. Why me? How can you allow this to happen God? What is the purpose of this? How we handle these situations are a reflection of ourselves and our spiritual maturity. Mother Angelica provides readers with the keys to handling suffering in a way that teaches how to make effective use of that suffering. Mother Angelica on … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 024 with Brandon McGinley

Brandon McGinley writes about faith, culture, and politics from his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in print in National Review, The Human Life Review, Fare Forward, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Harrisburg Patriot-News, and the Pittsburgh Catholic and online at First Things, Public Discourse, The Week, The Federalist, National Review Online, Aleteia, Ethika Politika, Acculturated, and The Imaginative Conservative. He has also contributed to and edited books for … [Read more...]

How to catechize the entire family with one program

A definite challenge the church faces today is how to catechize our youth. One concern is how disengaged many parents are in the process. If you have a religious education program, you have likely been witness to the amount of parents who drop their kids off and leave. Likely they do not even attend Mass on a weekly basis as required. What can we do to fix this?Sophia Institute Press has introduced a product that is innovative, promising and in early use has been quite effective. The program … [Read more...]

Off the Shelf 021 with Charlie McKinney

Charlie McKinney, president of Sophia Institute Press, stopped by to talk about the problems with youth catechesis the Church faces today. We also discuss the disengagement of parents in the current structure used by most parishes. How do we resolve this? Get them involved! Sophia Institute Press has developed a program to answer this issue and we talk about it's benefits on this episode. The program is called A Family of Faith and it not only catechizes the child but the entire family. Anyone f … [Read more...]