Catholic Marriage Prep success bucking national marital trends

Colorado Springs, Colo., Mar 18, 2013 / 12:03 pm (CNA).- With more couples choosing to use contraception and live together before marriage, the Catholic definition of marriage is more at risk than ever, says Christian Meert, who with his wife Christine heads the Office of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Colorado Springs. The problem for many couples, he said, is often a fundamental lack of knowledge about what Christ and the Catholic Church require of married couples, he … [Read more...]

Priest defends Pope Francis against ‘Dirty War’ accusations

Denver, Colo., Mar 18, 2013 / 10:33 am (CNA).- In a CNA column, professor and priest Father Matthew Lamb dispels allegations that Pope Francis did not speak out against the kidnapping of two Jesuits during the country's civil conflict in the 1970s. Fr. Lamb, chair of the theology department at Ave Maria University in Florida, discusses the case of two Jesuits who were kidnapped by the Argentine government in the 1970s.During that time, the military junta that ruled Argentina leveled a … [Read more...]

Dominican sisters witness through Bible game show appearance

Santa Monica, Calif., Mar 17, 2013 / 04:03 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Three religious sisters are participating in a unique evangelization effort by competing on a Bible trivia game show in hopes of supporting their community.“This isn’t something we would normally do, but when the opportunity arose, Mother (Assumpta Long) discerned that it would be good not only for the benefit of our community, but also for the New Evangelization,” Sr. Maria Suso of the Dominican Sisters of … [Read more...]

Consecrated widow St. Lea traditionally celebrated March 22

Denver, Colo., Mar 17, 2013 / 06:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- March 22 is the liturgical memorial of Saint Lea of Rome, a fourth-century widow who left her wealth behind, entered consecrated life, and attained great holiness through asceticism and prayer. Though not well-known as a figure of devotion in modern times, she was acknowledged as a saint on the testimony of her contemporary Saint Jerome, who wrote a brief description of Lea's life after she had died. Jerome, a scholarly monk best … [Read more...]

Catholic group marks St. Patrick’s love for the Irish

New York City, N.Y., Mar 16, 2013 / 06:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- St. Patrick’s Day is a time to remember the saint's “tremendous love” for the Irish people, says the head of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, a U.S. fraternal organization. St. Patrick “had had such a widespread impact on Irish spirituality and Irish culture, the direction that the nation took,” group president Brendan Moore told CNA March 12. The Ancient Order of Hibernians is a U.S.-based … [Read more...]

Pope Francis hailed by international leaders

Washington D.C., Mar 15, 2013 / 05:16 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- International leaders greeted the election of Pope Francis with joy, noting his commitment to defending Catholic values and caring for the poor.“I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has taken the name Pope Francis on his assumption of the papacy, and to all Catholics across the world on this momentous occasion,” said United Nations Secretary General Ban … [Read more...]

YouTube video celebrates Pope Francis

Denver, Colo., Mar 15, 2013 / 05:03 pm (CNA).- A YouTube video produced by the grassroots political organization Catholic Vote is celebrating the election of Pope Francis to “give glory to God and His Church,” the website's founder has said.“Pope Francis embodies what we must be for the world – humble servants of the great gift of Faith manifested in a profound relationship with Jesus Christ,” Brian Burch, president of, told CNA March … [Read more...]