Interview with comic book artist Ted Woods

Here's a new feature I'm hoping to implement more regularly on this blog. Constant readers know that I can be critical about Christian art, and that's because I think there's a lot of bad art out there that goes under the Christian name. But I really want to delve more into the artists and crafts people who are passionate about creating great Christian art and improving the conversation about faith.I met Ted Woods, an independent comic book writer, when we briefly attended the same church in … [Read more...]

Interview: “Sons and Doubters” podcast co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner (part 2)

 Welcome to part two of my interview with "Sons and Doubters" co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner. In part one, we talked a little bit about the podcast itself and what the duo hope to accomplish with it. But one of the great things about the podcast is listening to Aaron and Luke talk about their own struggles and questions, which season two jumps into with a little more intensity and tension. This part of the interview focuses on the way doing the podcast has changed their faith, and … [Read more...]

Interview: “Sons and Doubters” co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner (part 1)

One of the great discoveries I made last year was the "Sons and Doubters" podcast, which debuted in spring 2015. Hosted by Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner, the show bills itself as "an honest discussion about the times when faith is difficult and doubt is easy." From the first episode — in which Aaron set the tone by describing himself as being in a phase of "deconstruction" about his faith — I knew this would be a riveting weekly listen. And for several episodes that first season, Hale and Brawner d … [Read more...]

Interview with Amanda G. Stevens, author of the Haven Seekers series

There's enough bad Christian art out there and more than enough snarky writing about it — much of which, admittedly, I've been guilty of. Lost in that discussion, however, are the Christian artists who are producing strong work and working to change the cultural conversation. This is the first part of what I hope becomes an ongoing feature on this blog: conversations with these artists and discussions about how Christian art can grow and improve. Full disclosure: I'm friends with aut … [Read more...]

Producer Ron Simons talks “Easter Mysteries”

 On Tuesday, moviegoers can see a unique look at Jesus' life during a special cinematic performance of "Easter Mysteries," broadcast to select theaters by Fathom Events. John O'Boyle's oratorio tells the gospel story through the eyes of Christ's disciples. It's unique in that it's a stage show performed live for an audience, but filmed for the cinema. Like most oratorios, the story is almost completely told through song, with characters in costume but minimal set dressing and props. … [Read more...]