CROSS.CULTURE.CRITIC. Podcast Reboots With New Co-host Joe Yerke

Podcasts are funny things.Unlike writing an article, I don't start a podcast because there's a particular point I want to make or because I have an agenda. For me, it's a way to talk more about the things I love, and doing interviews scratches that journalistic itch I've had since leaving the newspaper world. It's a way for me to wrestle with concepts that might be too sprawling to write about and, in the best instances, talk about those things with someone else. They evolve over time as you … [Read more...]

“Cross.Culture.Critic.” talks to Joe Yerke of the Insyderz!

Hey everyone, Episode 2 of my podcast "Cross.Culture.Critic." went live this weekend, and I'm really excited for everyone to hear it!My original idea for the podcast, as I've said before, centered on the Christian music scene of the 90s and 00s. As a youth group kid in the mid-90s, I was greatly influenced by the music I listened to, and I've been curious what happened to some of the bands were regulars in my Walkman.The podcast idea changed after that to incorporate a broader range of … [Read more...]

“Cross.Culture.Critic.” debuts today

As I've written before, in recent years podcasting has become a hobby of mine. I've found its a great way to dive into in-depth interviews and talk about things in more detail than I can on this blog. For over two years, I've co-hosted "It's My Favorite" with two friends, and recording those episodes has been a monthly highlight for me. Awhile back, I co-hosted a podcast for the Detroit Film Critics Society, which was great fun. Although I had to discontinue that one due to difficulties with … [Read more...]

“It’s My Favorite” Talks All Things Summer

I'm going to keep this one quick.I've talked before about "It's My Favorite," the podcast I co-host with two good friends. As I've said, it's a highlight of my month to meet with Matt and Beth and talk about movies, TV and whatever else happens to be on our mind. There's always a lot to talk about and talking with them is often the most I laugh all month.Each month, we alternate episodes. On our "main flavor" episode, we run through pop culture recommendations. But lately, our "Scoop Du … [Read more...]

“It’s My Favorite” Returns With a Pop Culture Gumbo!

If, like me, you have an insatiable addiction to pop culture, this a great time. It seems like every week, there are numerous different options hitting various streaming platforms, much of it very high quality. Right now, my wife and I are halfway through the third season of "Kimmy Schmidt" and "The Keepers" on Netflix, both of them excellent. I want to savor those shows, but I'm also aware that I still have new episodes of "Master of None," "Fargo" and "Better Call Saul" backed up behind me. … [Read more...]

New “It’s My Favorite” podcasts talk Zelda, Logan and favorite things!

 Hey everyone,Been a bit of a crazy week here in terms of posting. Wrapping up an assignment for school, work has been busy and last weekend was filled with a few different activities that didn't leave much time for blogging. There's some fun stuff ahead this weekend and into next week, so I appreciate your patience while everything settles down.But one thing I'm not promoting as well as I should here is "It's My Favorite," the twice-monthly podcast I co-host with my friends … [Read more...]

“It’s My Favorite” Talks Christmas!

So, Christmas is coming and I know there's been a bit of a lull the past few months in blogging as I've finished my first semester of grad school. It's been a busy, challenging few months, but as of about 24 hours ago, I'm done with class. Starting Friday, I'll be off work for two days. In addition to enjoying the holidays with my family, I'm also looking forward to catching up on some movies and tending to this neglected site.In the coming days and weeks, I'm going to start winding down … [Read more...]

Podcast fun: “Far From Hollywood” v “Batman v Superman”

Hey everyone!One of the most fun and challenging things I've taken up in the past year has been podcasting. I currently co-host two podcasts each month — a pop culture one with friends called "It's My Favorite," and one for the Detroit Film Critics Society called "Far From Hollywood." Both are rewarding and extremely fun highlights of my month; the first because it's just sitting around with friends talking about the things we love and the second because it's movie talk between some great cr … [Read more...]

“It’s My Favorite” talks childhood adventure, and we talk the future of this blog

Hello everyone!First off, I'm happy to announce that the podcast I co-host with two friends, "It's My Favorite," just dropped its monthly movie club episode. It's a great listen if you're interested in hearing about movies where kids take on a whole host of aliens, Army guys and, um, Falcor. This blog is really one of the highlights of my month, mostly because it gives me a chance to get together with friends and talk about pop culture, movies and other things for a while. If you've been … [Read more...]

Listen to me talk about the Coens on ‘Far From Hollywood’!

Hello everyone!I'm currently mending from some minor elective surgery, and laid up on the couch with some Blu-Rays, DVDs and books. I actually think I might publish a separate entry this week about what I watched, but for right now this is about as deep of a post as you're getting until the pain meds wear off :-)One of my favorite hobbies I picked up over the past year is podcasting. I currently co-host two podcasts: a pop culture one called "It's My Favorite" and a film-centric one … [Read more...]