Catching Up: Baby Driver, Better Call Saul, Movies Are Prayers, and more

It's a great time to be a media consumer. It's also an exhausting one. I've seen a great deal of movies and TV shows in the past month. I've also been reading voraciously, at a rate I haven't in years (this is likely thanks to having the summer off grad school). And yet, I feel like I'm still playing catch up. Normally, I would just write or podcast about what I could and move on without addressing the rest. But the problem these days is that everything is so good! It's been a phenomenal … [Read more...]

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CROSS.CULTURE.CRITIC. Podcast Reboots With New Co-host Joe Yerke

Podcasts are funny things.Unlike writing an article, I don't start a podcast because there's a particular point I want to make or because I have an agenda. For me, it's a way to talk more about the things I love, and doing interviews scratches that journalistic itch I've had since leaving the newspaper world. It's a way for me to wrestle with concepts that might be too sprawling to write about and, in the best instances, talk about those things with someone else. They evolve over time as you … [Read more...]