Holy Week Viewing: 7 Films About Jesus

We're about to enter the most important week of the Christian faith. As we commemorate Palm Sunday this weekend, our attention will then turn from the Triumphal Entry to the road to Gethsemane in preparation for Good Friday and Easter. And as such, I find it might be an interesting time to revisit films about Jesus.Over the years, I've come to love movies about Jesus. Cinema gives us the great opportunity to view this beloved story from different angles and through a variety of viewpoints, … [Read more...]

The glorious mess of Fox’s “The Passion Live”

Before saying anything else, let's just appreciate this fact: last night, in a time slot usually reserved for Will Forte pooping in a margarita pool, Fox spent two hours observing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.If nothing else, the network's much-hyped, Tyler Perry-hosted musical event "The Passion Live" presented the story with sincerity, reverence and creativity. It didn't attempt to water down or re-invent the story; near the end, Perry talked openly about Christ's … [Read more...]

The Road to Easter 2016: “Easter Mysteries”

When I started this series, my intent was to get away from standard cinematic depictions of the Christ story. I'd seen enough Easter cantatas and church pageants to last a lifetime, and I was interested in films that examined who Christ was and how he affected the lives of his followers, not somber recreations of biblical tales.So it's a bit amusing that the film that affected me most was originally written as a church production and could easily be performed by a congregation with a skilled … [Read more...]

The fleeting fame of Palm Sunday

We love celebrity. Our televisions and computer screens are constantly filled with the latest information about the rich and famous. We declare our support for politicians on bumper stickers, and voice our love for movies stars with our hard-earned money. When someone entertains us, moves us or promises us something great, we don’t hold back on our praise. We lavish it.But we’re also fickle. We’ll turn our back on artists when they go stale. Politicians who don’t deliver on their promises bec … [Read more...]