Announcement: Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Podcasts?

I'm a product of nineties youth group culture.I was raised in the Baptist church. For the first 12 years of my life, we attended a very strict one, the kind that prohibited dancing, drinking or attending movie theaters. The only music I was allowed to listen to was Christian rock. Even though we moved on to a more relaxed church when I hit middle school, my parents still encouraged us only to listen to music from that subgenre. My first concert was for Steven Curtis Chapman's "Great … [Read more...]

“Film Nerd 2.0” promises a movie education for parents and kids

Back when I started this blog, I created a list of some of my favorite critics. Top of that list was Drew McWeeny, who writes the Motion Captured blog for HitFix. I've been following Drew's writing since his Ain't It Cool News days, and he is one of the critics I most trust. I don't always agree with his opinions — although, more often than not, we share sensibilities — but I always understand where he's coming from. And as I said in that original piece, I think he weaves his personal life into h … [Read more...]