Holy Week Viewing: 7 Films About Jesus

We're about to enter the most important week of the Christian faith. As we commemorate Palm Sunday this weekend, our attention will then turn from the Triumphal Entry to the road to Gethsemane in preparation for Good Friday and Easter. And as such, I find it might be an interesting time to revisit films about Jesus.Over the years, I've come to love movies about Jesus. Cinema gives us the great opportunity to view this beloved story from different angles and through a variety of viewpoints, … [Read more...]

The road to Easter 2016: The Jesus Project

Growing up Baptist, Lent always fascinated me. Many of my friends were Catholic, and I was always intrigued whenever they would have to give something fun up in the weeks preceding Easter. I never really wondered why my family didn't participate; mostly, I think I was just relieved that I didn't have to give up chocolate.As I grew older, my relationship with Lent grew complicated. In my twenties, when I was a bit of a "cage-stage Calvinist," I was dismissive of the idea of Lent. After all, … [Read more...]