Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” keeps Marvel weird

It's easy to forget that "Guardians of the Galaxy" was the first big question mark for Marvel. After having great success with its earthbound heroes, the studio took its first big leap into the cosmic realm, anchoring it to a group of misfits that included a Walkman-wearing Earthling, a green-skinned assassin, a tattooed warrior, a badass raccoon and a sentient tree named Groot. It was easy to see this as a possible bridge too far for mainstream audiences, especially since the Guardians were at … [Read more...]

“Doctor Strange:” Marvel goes magic

When "Iron Man" debuted in 2008, some wondered just how much leeway the public would give Marvel before things got too weird. Sure, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America weren't that hard to see as possible hits; despite their bizarre origins, they were basically just action heroes with a comic book gloss. But at that time, audiences wanted things grounded and gritty, and the farther one delves into the Marvel universe, the deeper they go into a mythology that includes intergalactic adventures, … [Read more...]

5 pieces of pop culture to help you endure the election

The election. I know, I'm sick of it, too. But take heart: November 8 is less than a month away. One month from now, the political ads will stop, a candidate will have been chosen, and we'll begin the difficult work of moving on.I doubt there are many undecided voters left. Whether you're casting a ballot for Donald Trump (shudder), Hillary Clinton (a slightly less violent shudder), a third party, or abstaining all together (which is your right), you've probably already chosen your side and … [Read more...]

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Halftime: The best films of 2016 (so far)

We're quickly approaching the midpoint of the year, and it's been an interesting one. If you look at the box office reports, it's been a blase year, unless you're Disney.But in terms of quality, it's not been bad. Usually, I reach the midpoint of the year and wonder if I'm going to be able to have enough to fill a top ten list in six months. This year, I already have at least five films that I know will kill me to leave off the year-end list. So I thought, in the interest of getting … [Read more...]

Review — Captain America: Civil War

It might be hard to have a coherent conversation with me about "Captain America: Civil War."I say that not because the latest Marvel movie doesn't have depth, skill or resonance; it's the rare superhero movie with all of those things. Rather, I think calm discussion is going to be difficult because my typical comments to friends and family have gone along these lines:"It's so good! There's a scene where Ant-Man [SPOILER REDACTED] and then Spider-man [SPOILER REDACTED], and it's awesome! … [Read more...]

Big Game Trailer Roundup!

For the first year in decades, I didn't watch the Super Bowl. It wasn't a big loss. I'm not a fan of football. I really can't stand Coldplay. Having two young kids means going to a party isn't really feasible. And the only excuse I had for watching — the commercials — is a moot point, since everything ends up online within minutes anyway. So, I spent the evening catching up on last night's "Saturday Night Live" and reading.One thing I did keep my eye one, however, was the trailers for big 201 … [Read more...]