Catching Up: Baby Driver, Better Call Saul, Movies Are Prayers, and more

It's a great time to be a media consumer. It's also an exhausting one. I've seen a great deal of movies and TV shows in the past month. I've also been reading voraciously, at a rate I haven't in years (this is likely thanks to having the summer off grad school). And yet, I feel like I'm still playing catch up. Normally, I would just write or podcast about what I could and move on without addressing the rest. But the problem these days is that everything is so good! It's been a phenomenal … [Read more...]

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Lord, Save Us From Your Followers: ‘The Keepers’ and the Dark side of Christianity

Few shows have provoked as much rage in me as Netflix's "The Keepers."I┬ástarted watching Netflix's seven-part docuseries on Labor Day and finished it this past weekend. As a fan of true-crime podcasts and television shows, I found myself riveted by each part of this murder mystery, but also chilled and enraged at its depiction of Christianity perverted by lust and power. It's essential viewing, but it's not for the weak at heart. Righting the wrongs of "Making a Murderer" "The Keepers" is … [Read more...]

“It’s My Favorite” Returns With a Pop Culture Gumbo!

If, like me, you have an insatiable addiction to pop culture, this a great time. It seems like every week, there are numerous different options hitting various streaming platforms, much of it very high quality. Right now, my wife and I are halfway through the third season of "Kimmy Schmidt" and "The Keepers" on Netflix, both of them excellent. I want to savor those shows, but I'm also aware that I still have new episodes of "Master of None," "Fargo" and "Better Call Saul" backed up behind me. … [Read more...]

The Monthly Catch: Wilderpeople, Beatles, Raiders and more!

If you're a constant reader, you've probably noticed my productivity has dropped a notch (or several) recently. This post was originally supposed to go live at the end of September, and here we are well into October. Well, there's a reason for that: it's back-to-school time. I started grad school the day after Labor Day, pursuing a master's in communications with an emphasis in media studies, and it's a lot of work. On top of that, the kids are getting older, work is getting busy, we've had some … [Read more...]

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BoJack Horseman, Ecclesiastes and the search for happiness

The best show on television right now is a cartoon about an alcoholic horse.Three seasons in, and Netflix's "BoJack Horseman" is still a hard sell to my friends. Some raise an eyebrow over yet another adult cartoon about characters behaving badly. My friends who are up for some edgy humor raise the other eyebrow when I tell them that the show regularly goes beyond coarse jokes and wonderfully bad puns to a place of contemplative silence and existential angst. But those who give it a shot … [Read more...]

5 Reasons ‘Stranger Things’ is Great

If you read my July wrap up, you know that I've been obsessed with Netflix's new series, "Stranger Things." I'm not alone; you can't go online without another entertainment site talking about the Duffer Brothers' creepy love letter to the 1980s.I can't remember the last time I raced through a show so quickly; maybe "Breaking Bad." My wife and I finished the show in a three-episode marathon Sunday night, and my first impulse was to watch it again (I didn't). It's been a long time since I've … [Read more...]

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The Monthly Catch: “Stranger Things,” BoJack, Star Trek and more!

I cannot believe we're at the end of August already. We're having an incredibly busy summer here, with family events, vacations, busy work schedules and more, and it's hard to accept that there's only a month left before we have to start shifting gears into fall. There was quite a bit going on in July, and I'm amazed that I still found time to write anything at all, let alone consume more media to write about here. So, let's get into what interested me this month that I just haven't had the time … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: Movies and mourning, Netflix, and ‘Hamilton’

First, thank you all for the comments, shares and support during my first week at Patheos! When I moved my blog over here, I hoped that in time I might generate an audience, but I've been extremely encouraged to see just how much of a response these first few posts have gotten.It was a busy first week; I can't remember the last time I posted blog entries for five straight days. But it's been fun to get such a running start, and it's been a ton of fun. I can't promise that there will be new … [Read more...]