How the movies helped me reconcile faith and science

Writing about the relationship between faith and science for the blog series on National Geographic's "The Story of God" was one of my highlights from last year. I was honored to be asked to participate in the blog carnival, but I also had no idea how the project would also send me on my own faith journey.Discussing my views on the origins of the universe caused me to address questions I'd been wrestling with for years. I knew that the traditional Young Earth Creation views I'd been raised … [Read more...]

Jesus VR, the Ark Encounter and fetishizing authenticity

Next month, visitors to the Venice Film Festival will have the opportunity to view the life of Christ like never before: in 360 degree virtual reality, just as God intended."Jesus VR" is a virtual reality film depicting the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in 360°, crystal-clear video and sound. The 90-minute film will be available just in time for Christmas — for those wealthy enough to own a VR system — but a 40-minute clip will be available to film festival audiences in September. The … [Read more...]