5 Great Ideas for “God’s Not Dead 3”

If you've read this site for awhile, you're likely aware that, despite my interest in films about faith, the "God's Not Dead" films and I are not on the best terms. I called the first movie dangerous and offensive. And while I thought this year's "God's Not Dead 2" was a tad gentler, it still didn't work for me.But there was  improvement! And maybe, I thought, the series could continue to get better over future films. Alas, despite a post-credit tease that hinted at a third entry, the next st … [Read more...]

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“God’s Not Dead 2,” Persecution Boogaloo

First, the good news: "God's Not Dead 2" is almost kind of good. It is, in fact, an easier sit than "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." The sequel to 2014's surprise faith-based hit tempers some of its predecessor's angrier tendencies and features characters who look more like people I've actually met.Unfortunately, the film is hampered by the same persecution complex, which robs its main plot of logic and clouds the more compelling stories at its fringes.The film's protagonist is G … [Read more...]

Interview with Amanda G. Stevens, author of the Haven Seekers series

There's enough bad Christian art out there and more than enough snarky writing about it — much of which, admittedly, I've been guilty of. Lost in that discussion, however, are the Christian artists who are producing strong work and working to change the cultural conversation. This is the first part of what I hope becomes an ongoing feature on this blog: conversations with these artists and discussions about how Christian art can grow and improve. Full disclosure: I'm friends with aut … [Read more...]