“Cars 3” Review: How Lightning Got His Vroom Back

It's official: I'm just never going to "get" Pixar's Cars universe.Despite the studio's ability to make me┬ácare for friendly monsters, plastic toys, foodie rats, wisecracking bugs and personified emotions, I've been left cold by the adventures of Lightning McQueen and his buddies. There's just something about their design that makes it hard to connect. Aside from their windshield eyes and bumper-lips, these are still just vehicles moving around roadways and tracks, and something in me … [Read more...]

Top 10 Pixar moments to make you cry

As Finding Dory just kept swimming into theaters this weekend, it provided another opportunity to look back on the output of Pixar, which has released an astonishing number of beloved films in just 21 years. I was tempted to rank all of Pixar's movies, but at a certain point you're just debating degrees of perfection (however, I do have a list).But what really sets Pixar apart from its competitors is the skilled way it deals with emotion. I may laugh harder at Shrek and appreciate the … [Read more...]

Review: “Finding Dory”

Five years after its release, "Cars 2" still instills dread in Pixar lovers. Never mind that the studio's other weakest films ("The Good Dinosaur" and "Brave") are both original works, and that the "Toy Story" followups have been lauded as some of the best sequels ever. What most people think of when they hear about returning to a beloved Pixar world is Mater the Tow Truck zipping through Japan and making pee-pee jokes.It's why the idea of a "Finding Nemo" sequel made me uneasy, especially … [Read more...]