“It’s My Favorite” Returns With a Pop Culture Gumbo!

If, like me, you have an insatiable addiction to pop culture, this a great time. It seems like every week, there are numerous different options hitting various streaming platforms, much of it very high quality. Right now, my wife and I are halfway through the third season of "Kimmy Schmidt" and "The Keepers" on Netflix, both of them excellent. I want to savor those shows, but I'm also aware that I still have new episodes of "Master of None," "Fargo" and "Better Call Saul" backed up behind me. … [Read more...]

Interview: “Sons and Doubters” podcast co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner (part 2)

 Welcome to part two of my interview with "Sons and Doubters" co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner. In part one, we talked a little bit about the podcast itself and what the duo hope to accomplish with it. But one of the great things about the podcast is listening to Aaron and Luke talk about their own struggles and questions, which season two jumps into with a little more intensity and tension. This part of the interview focuses on the way doing the podcast has changed their faith, and … [Read more...]

Interview: “Sons and Doubters” co-hosts Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner (part 1)

One of the great discoveries I made last year was the "Sons and Doubters" podcast, which debuted in spring 2015. Hosted by Aaron Hale and Luke Brawner, the show bills itself as "an honest discussion about the times when faith is difficult and doubt is easy." From the first episode — in which Aaron set the tone by describing himself as being in a phase of "deconstruction" about his faith — I knew this would be a riveting weekly listen. And for several episodes that first season, Hale and Brawner d … [Read more...]