How the movies helped me reconcile faith and science

Writing about the relationship between faith and science for the blog series on National Geographic's "The Story of God" was one of my highlights from last year. I was honored to be asked to participate in the blog carnival, but I also had no idea how the project would also send me on my own faith journey.Discussing my views on the origins of the universe caused me to address questions I'd been wrestling with for years. I knew that the traditional Young Earth Creation views I'd been raised … [Read more...]

My Essentials: My 20 Favorite Films

It’s long been cliché for a critic to lament that lists are meaningless, but I think they may have some benefits. Ranking “bests” might be silly, but I think knowing a person’s favorites gives us insight into who they are and helps establish a sort of “critic DNA” for the reviewers you follow. Plus, I really like to make lists.So as we start this journey, I thought the best way to help you know a bit more about my tastes and outlooks would be to spend a few weeks listing some of my favorites. … [Read more...]