Ten Questions

Are you as well-versed in current events as you think? These CNN Student News Questions are actually kind of a challenge to answer. … [Read more...]

Children of Men… the series.

Coming Soon: Children of Men… the series. … [Read more...]

Jesus on Film

Jesus on Film "Throughout the history of Hollywood, filmmakers have tackled religious subjects, leaving actors to portray the savior son, Jesus Christ. Despite the inevitable controversies that arise when filmmakers choose to depict religious figures on the big screen, these actors have taken on the challenge." … [Read more...]

Colbert and Evil

Stephen Colbert on the doctrine of evil. … [Read more...]

Reflections For The Holy Weekend

Over the weekend, forget about pop culture and think on these things. … [Read more...]

The Expelled Fiasco

Overstreet posts a letter he received from someone who was at the now infamous Expelled screening which was crashed by Dawkins and the Internets explode with debate. … [Read more...]

Race, Faith and Politics

Race, Faith and Politics. If a poll were taken, there is no doubt that race, faith and politics would be the most emotional, passionate and divisive topics. Why? Because all three are so deeply personal. … [Read more...]

Will the real Jesus please stand up?

Will the real Jesus please stand up? The many distorted images of Jesus from pop-culture to politics. … [Read more...]

Suddenly Last Supper

Suddenly Last Supper A compendium of 50 pop culture versions of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting "The Last Supper". … [Read more...]

Early-Morning Spiritual Battles

C. J. Mahaney on how to get out of bed in the morning: "Here has what’s helped me in the past: place the radio alarm across the room and set it to a country radio station. That motivates me out of bed." … [Read more...]