God and Tyler Perry vs. Hollywood

God and Tyler Perry vs. Hollywood … [Read more...]

Easter's Entertainment

Easter's Entertainment As Easter Sunday is around the bend, here’s a short list of the top Easter-themed movies, children’s films and books to keep you in the festive mood. … [Read more...]

GK on Entertainment

Garrison Kiellor: "I believe absolutely in entertainment. I believe in it more and more as I get older. When I was younger, I believed in using this medium to accomplish good, but I now see this as really, really arrogant..." … [Read more...]

"God Talk" in Politics

"God Talk" in Politics Two authors contend, having increased over the last 28 years, "God Talk" is the latest political tool and weapon. … [Read more...]

The gospel according to Bob Geldof

The gospel according to Bob Geldof A quarter of people in Britain confuse the Bible with speeches by Sir Bob Geldof, according to new research published by Theos, the public theology think tank. … [Read more...]

The Need for Excess

"We are creatures made in the image of a Creator who makes things that He does not need, things that are not of use to Him. As we imitate His excess, we play music and recite poetry and tell stories-and organize liberal arts colleges so others can do these things with us." … [Read more...]

When Lestat meets Jesus

When Lestat meets Jesus. Seeing Jesus through the eyes of Anne Rice. … [Read more...]

The Call to Create Culture

The Call to Create Culture. When will Christians assume the role of culture shapers, instead of mere reactionaries? Why do we hesitate—are we afraid? Don’t we realize the scope of the problem and the opportunities God is giving us? … [Read more...]

Preaching – Movie Style

Preaching - Movie Style "If Jesus came today I don’t think he’d talk about seeds, dough, or sheep." - He would talk about movies. … [Read more...]

The Strange and Consuming Spectacle

The Strange and Consuming Spectacle That Is "Extreme Home Makeover" and "Oprah's Big Give" … [Read more...]