Remedy For Your Addiction To LOST

Remedy For Your Addiction To LOST … [Read more...]

No more Mr. Nice Guy

No more Mr. Nice Guy. "Where Christians have become defined as nice people who are not really concerned about intellectual or aesthetic excellence, the result is the sudden proliferation of insipid faith-fueled, family-friendly films produced by and for people who like such stuff." … [Read more...]

Seven books, eight movies

Harry Potter -- seven books, eight movies … [Read more...]

Worship Team Arrested for playing "Rock"

Granted, much modern "Praise and Worship music" is of poor quality, even bordering on the offensive at times, but this is going too far. … [Read more...]

What should Christian Musicians do?

Lucas Kwong over at IMAGE explores the difficulties facing Christian musicians as rock music becomes increasingly stale. … [Read more...]

How a 3rd level Paladin created culture

How a 3rd. level Paladin created culture. … [Read more...]

God and Caesar smack down

God and Caesar smack down … [Read more...]

Fantastic Game, One Warning

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Fantastic Game, One Warning:"Brawl is fun, family friendly (in general), and well worth the price of admission. It is cheaper than taking my family to a movie with much greater replay value. It is a game to be played with people . . . and that is the best thing that can be said about it." … [Read more...]

"Once" and the Power of Music

What the Movie "Once" Shows Us About the Power of Music … [Read more...]

To those who wish to write…

To those who have responded to CAPC's Open Call for writers: We are in the process of investigating and responding to each applicant. Please know that we do intend on letting you know either way. Don't give up on us! Those who haven't responded yet, we're still looking for writers! Let us know! … [Read more...]