Smash Brothers: CAPC Edition

Get Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Want to play other readers of CAPC? Put your Smash Brothers friend code into the comments and add the others to your roster! … [Read more...]

TiVo: a theology issue

TiVo: a theology issue … [Read more...]

Poor Mario

"Dear Dad and Mom, Thanks for Shooting Mario" … [Read more...]

Who are the most powerful Christians in Hollywood?

See whose ranked on Beliefnet's list of the most powerful Christians in Hollywood. Do any of the names on this "power dozen" list surprise you? … [Read more...]


Jefferey Overstreet on his novel, Auralia's Colors: "Contrary to what some of the reviews have claimed, I am not writing The Auralia Thread to preach a message, to allegorize the Gospel, or to entertain. I wrote Auralia’s Colors because it gave me a way to explore the powerful mystery of Beauty." … [Read more...]


The Faith and Film Critics Circle announces the Best of 2007. … [Read more...]

The Mysterious Spectacle of Acting

Owen on Daniel Day-Lewis, Oliver Twist, and the Mysterious Spectacle of Acting … [Read more...]

Brett McCracken reviews Expelled

Brett McCracken reviews Expelled:"It’s a film that very deliberately presents itself as an alternative type of film—the anti-Michael Moore, perhaps. It is trying to argue that there is (or should be) room at the table for both sides, for multiple arguments on any issue. But more than likely the film will be denied wide distribution or much (if any) press coverage, just as Intelligent Design theory is either ignored or laughed out of most cultural discourse." HT: Overstreet. … [Read more...]

American Gods

Read American Gods by Neil Gaiman online. … [Read more...]

An Open Call

Think you've got what it takes to write for Christ and Pop Culture?If so, we'd love it if you'd send us an email and let us know you're interested. We're looking for some new writers who feel confident and excited about writing about the intersection of the Christian faith and pop culture. Here are some things we're looking for from prospective writers:A love (in some sense) for popular culture. That is, a love for the mediums of film, music, television, books, or video games. A reason to … [Read more...]