Aoyama on the Wii

Nintendo's Takashi Aoyama on the Wii:"What would it mean to make a machine that is fun for the entire family?" Aoyama asked. "First of all, you have to make the console not seem like an enemy in the household." They wanted moms to stop saying things like "You shouldn't play games all the time! Turn that off right now!" … [Read more...]

top ten cinematographic moments in film

An annotated list of the top ten cinematographic moments in film... … [Read more...]

No TV for 4-months and counting

No TV for 4-months and counting: "’s the quiet we love. We can hear the birds now, even with the windows closed. We can hear our neighbors children playing in their yard. We can hear each other. We think we can hear God sometimes, too. Still faintly, but better than before. All of that for $0 per month. Not a bad deal." … [Read more...]

The Obama Phenomenon?

consumed: How Does a Christian Deal with the Obama Phenomenon? … [Read more...]

Juno: Pro-Life?

Ellen Page objects to calling “Juno” a “pro-life movie” … [Read more...]

Do we still need PBS?

Do we still need PBS? … [Read more...]

Mad About You? Seriously?

MENSA chairman picks the ten smartest shows of all-time... and it's not a very good list. What do you think is missing? … [Read more...]

Between Two Worlds: "Atonement"

ER's take on atonement … [Read more...]


Here's one for the "fighting the wrong battle" files. … [Read more...]

Dark Star

Why Amy Winehouse is not just a celebrity train wreck. … [Read more...]