Prayers For Britney: A social movement

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Paris Hilton has a movie out? Yeah…

This made me really happy. … [Read more...]

"Grace is My Favorite Concept"

Katherine Heigl is currently reading Yancey's What's So Amazing About Grace? Says, "Grace is my favorite concept." HT: Looking Closer … [Read more...]

When Will Your Favorite TV Shows Return?

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Showrunners back to work Monday – Entertainment News, WGA Writers Strike, Media – Variety

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The New Leading Man in Video Games

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Nothing Achieved, No Point

Conan O'Brien: "My favorite comedy is comedy where nothing is achieved and there is no point." … [Read more...]

Quarter of Brits think Churchill was myth, but Sherlock Holmes was real

A recent poll has shown that the British are extremely confused about who was a historical figure and who was fiction. While the poll was run by a TV studio, and is therefore hardly scientific, it is still indicative of the tremendous effect the media has on our perception of the world and history. When historical figures (Churchill) look an awful lot like fictional characters (Holmes) on the TV, it becomes hard to separate fact from fiction. … [Read more...]

Montel Williams has a Point

Video: Montel Williams has a good point about the news media's coverage of Heath Ledger's death. … [Read more...]

Eight promising games for '08

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