Juno's Nagging Voice

In the first scene of Juno, a girl drinks Tang, walks through a hand-drawn cartoon credit sequence, and has a high-speed and ironic conversation with a convenience store clerk. Immediately, I'm thinking this movie is in trouble. Like a lot of people, I've grown tired of the ironic cynicism displayed in many of the most recent films and television shows. While I enjoy many of the more balanced films that started the fad, the onslaught of one-dimensional copycats has been unfortunate.Fortunately … [Read more...]

Election Night Lowlights

Here's some hilarious news-media goof-ups from the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. … [Read more...]

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes won't be a show this year. More like a press conference. … [Read more...]

BCS Champs

I hate to even post this! … [Read more...]

Console Flow-Chart

What video game system should you own? … [Read more...]

Why Strike When You can Laugh?

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report begin airing new episodes tonight. … [Read more...]

Jeffery Overstreet's Top 25 of 2007

Jefferey Overstreet shares his top 25 films of 2007. … [Read more...]

Guillermo Del Toro to Direct Frankenstein’s Monster

Guillermo Del Toro Ready To Unleash Frankenstein’s Monster … [Read more...]

Michael Bay

"Michael Bay directs like a jealous and insecure god, who demands absolute allegiance, yet offers no compelling reason to follow." - Craig Detweiler in his essay "Seeing and Believing: Film Theory as a Window into a Visual Faith" from the recently released, "Reframing Theology and Film". … [Read more...]

Regretting My Ink

The Tattooed Regret Their Ink … [Read more...]