ELSEWHERE: The Curator Needs Your Help

We love The Curator, an online magazine that celebrates signs of "the world as it ought to be," in life and culture. It's a wonderfully maintained site that rewards its readers for taking the time to delve into and invest in its content. Now, they're offering their readers an opportunity to invest in a more concrete way: with money! Do it. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Would You Give Up Your Career For Your Religion?

Grantland's Jason Schwartz has posted a fascinating and thoughtful piece about Ibby Jaaber, a talented basketball player who walked away from a promising career as a point guard because he felt it conflicted with his Muslim beliefs. What's more, he even paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars to his former team, claiming the money was "unlawful". The American Conservative's Alan Jacobs offers some more commentary. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Marriage Redefined in the UK

Today, Her Majesty the Queen gave royal assent to legislation redefining marriage as a nongendered institution, allowing same-sex couples to seek recognition of their relationships. The law does not require religious institutions to participate in that recognition. Elizabeth is formally Fidei Defensor - Defender of the Faith - and she is also Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Remarkably, the Church of England is not permitted to consecrate marriage for same-sex couples. Perhaps the UK wi … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Facebook Can Bring About Forgiveness (No, Really).

You can find all sorts of people on Facebook. If you're Alix Wall, it can even help you find the man who turned you into a drug mule without your knowledge to smuggle 'shrooms into Israel. And, it might even help you to find forgiveness and healing, decades after the fact. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Generosity of Strangers

If the current news cycle has troubled or discouraged you, consider tending to your soul with the story of Hazel Hammersley. Hazel is a 2-year-old cancer patient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She's also the recent recipient of stacks of pizzas from strangers on the internet. Hazel's mother and grandmother put up a masking tape sign in the window of her room and soon after, Reddit happened. Three cheers for humanity! … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: How Should We Write When Words Are Cheap?

Should writers be 'compensated' for their words? How important is your 'voice' as an author? What of truth? Do you have to 'live a story' to write well? What of some of the more popular modes of internet writing? Do single-sentence, bolded, paragraphs shape, or mis-shape us? Matthew Lee Anderson reflects on the pitfalls, joys, and challenges of the writing vocation in an internet age when words are bountiful and cheaper than ever. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Soar with New ‘Dragons’ Teaser

With its first promo for How to Train Your Dragon’s forthcoming 2014 sequel, Dreamworks Animation seems to have finally learned a few lessons on what makes a better story. It’s not just celebrity voice actors, overdone self-awareness of irony and archetypes, emphasis on angst, trendy pop-culture humor attempts that may expire in months, or millions spent on toy tie-ins and advertising. Instead, Dragon succeeded in 2010 because its story joyously explored family, fantasy, and the wonders of a bro … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Christian Reflection on Birth Defects

Just over a year ago, my cousin, musician and blogger Heather King, learned she was pregnant with conjoined twins.  Her girls, Amelie and Adaline, lived only an hour after birth.  At her.meneutics, she writes about her theological reflections following her daughters' brief, precious lives.  … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Progress and Materialism–The Hopeless Adventure

A curious thing happens when two atheists realize that man worships himself and that knowledge without God tends to lead us into Cartesian absurdity. One writes a book explaining how materialism is little more than self-assured preening by scientists who can't grasp their own ideas, and gets praised, in a lefty rag, by perhaps the foremost Christian philosopher of our day. The other decides "progress" is a delusion caused by our evolution into narcissistic animals, and the first guy tears into … [Read more...]

Maybe Social Media Doesn’t Ruin Everything?

It's common these days to hear people (especially middle-aged folks) grousing about the social-media addiction of younger generations. Social connections, they worry, come at the expense of real-world relationships. But Tony Schwartz, writing for the New York Times' DealBook, has a surprisingly positive take on the way his adult daughter and her peers have enriched their lives and relationships through the Web. … [Read more...]