ELSEWHERE: How Have Movies Poked Fun At Religion?

PopMatters' Bill Gibron offers a brief survey of the many ways in which films have satirized, skewered, and otherwise poked fun at religion. Films on his list include Life of Brian, Saved!, and the upcoming Rapture-palooza. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: These Christian Heroes From Your Childhood Will Freak You Out

Remember all of those fantastic/awful 80s and 90s Christian TV Shows and their memorable characters?  Over at Relevant, Tyler Huckabee shares this list of his 5 favorites.  I remember far too many of these guys (Mr. Whitaker in particular), but Colby the computer just plain freaks me out. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Google Glasses – No Porn Allowed

Some people wearing Google Glasses have recently been attempting to access and create pornography via a new app. Thankfully, Google's standards about Porn have severely limited this potential. If Google would only do something about Google Image Search. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like You Think It Does

Twenty years ago, I was sitting at a picnic table near a dock where some children were swimming. It was only a foot or so deep. I noticed a small blond head poking just above the surface, the water coming just over her nose and just under her eyes. Her arms were straight up in the air and unmoving. Her father was standing less than 20 feet away. I screamed, jumped in and grabbed her.750 children will drown this year. I beg you. Take time to read this article if you are going to be near the … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Where Were You When The “Red Wedding” Happened?

As someone who has read the books, can I just say that I found the reactions to the most recent episode of Game of Thrones -- the one with that scene -- to be quite entertaining and hilarious? Oh, my sweet summer children... it gets worse. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Magic of Ira Glass

Each week, over 1.8 million people (myself included) listen to This American Life. I had the chance to attend an "Evening with Ira" last October and I was certainly the happiest lady in the theater that night. I came across this video, albeit several years old, and found it rather charming. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: What Does It Take to Be a Barista?

I've been a barista for the past five years and have worked in three coffee shops. One thing that's been present in each is the relational aspect between the barista and customer. The brief moments shared while serving them provide the perfect setting for a conversation that can cover a range of topics. Sometimes, I just listen. Thanks, Harvard Review for this delightful comic. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Digital Age’s Growing Inequalities

An increasing number of common, everyday tasks -- e.g., paying bills, completing homework, applying for jobs -- assume that people have Internet access. Which, in this age, is not unreasonable. But what happens if you're one of the 100 million Americans who have no way of accessing the Internet at home? … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Is It Art? Or Invasion Of Privacy?

Arne Svenson's recent photo exhibit raises, yet again, the age-old question of "What is art?" Svenson took photos of people living in the luxury condo across the street from his place without their knowledge or awareness -- or, as he put it, "[they] don’t know they are being photographed; I carefully shoot from the shadows of my home into theirs." While the photos don't reveal identities, his neighbors nevertheless feel like some sort line has been crossed. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Paterno Family Is Going To Sue The NCAA

In 2011, the college football world was rocked by revelations that former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky had been molesting young boys for years, and that Penn State officials had essentially covered it up. The NCAA handed down stiff sanctions to Penn State, and now, Joe Paterno's family is suing the NCAA, claiming the organization's sanctions are unlawful and based on flawed information. … [Read more...]