ELSEWHERE: What Are The Clergy’s Views On Faith And Science?

In 2012, the Barna Group interviewed over 700 pastors from a wide range of churches and denominations regarding their views on creation and evolution, faith and science. The results have recently been posted, and in some ways, they're not surprising (e.g., the majority of clergy subscribed to some version of young earth creationism). There was also considerable agreement on the importance of faith/science questions, and whether pastors should address scientific issues in their ministry. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Seeking Validation through Social Media

Mockingbird Ministries had this nice write up on our constant need for validation through social media and why that detracts us from the indwelling of the gospel. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Why Algorithms Cannot Replace Human Intuition

In a recent article in Aeon Magazine, journalist Stephen Poole makes the argument that Artificial intelligence and algorithms will never be able to replace the human intuition.  Poole's arguments are increasingly relevant considering how a number of everyday processes are becoming quickly replaced by computers and databases. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: A Ray of Hope After the Devastation in the Form of a Dog

First of all, it is amazing that this lady survived the tornado in that demolished house. Second, it is incredible that her dog survived as well. Wow. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Star Trek and Racebending

Pop America has long had trouble with figuring out the whole Race Thing, from stereotyping POCs (people of colour) to casting white actors to play POC parts to preferring white actors for the best roles. Racebending incisively approaches pop-culture's difficulty with race in a way that helpfully expands the conversation. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: IRS to Pro-Life Group: Promise Us This, or No Tax-Exemption for You

I cannot believe that the IRS did this. Not because I do not think people can't be this biased, but because the political and ethical ramifications of it should be dizzying. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Jay Nash’s Letters From The Lost

Jay Nash’s new album Letters From The Lost came out Tuesday. Recorded in a home studio in Vermont, the album has a cozy “antique mall” rustic charm about it. Letters From The Lost is accessible New England folk/Americana. You should check it out, you know, if you're into accessible New England folk/Americana.... … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Government Gone Wild!

Seizing media phone records! Using the IRS to target political enemies! Dithering while your ambassador is under attack! Times are tough in Columbia, even for our aristocrat overlords. Best part in this otherwise frightening barrage of executive malfeasance (or incompetence, your choice)? Tie between a de-mustached Axelrod conceding the entire case for conservatism, senior democrats confused about which scandal is being discussed, or the president losing Charlie Rangle, of all people. … [Read more...]

The IRS Targeted the Tea Party; Benghazi Cover Up

This scandal of the IRS targeting conservative organizations for audit is making conspiracy theorists seem less kooky. Combine that with John McCain talking about Benghazi today and trust in government may come to an all-time low. Which is pretty low already, right? Can we fall off the floor? … [Read more...]

Which Churches Are Growing The Fastest?

Which Churches Are Growing The Fastest? The answer is SUPER discouraging. … [Read more...]