ELSEWHERE: How a Botched Wedding Turned into Something Great

When their daughter’s wedding was called off, this Atlanta family made the best of a bad situation. They turned the wedding reception into a gathering for 200 of the city’s homeless in what they’re calling the “First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love.” They plan to continue sponsoring the event annually. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Good Reasons to Take a Trip over the Ottoman

I have probably seen every episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show at least five times; it was such delightfully pure comedy that I feel spoiled for most other sitcoms since. Elsewhere at Eidos, John Mark Reynolds has a nice little tribute to the series and some interesting (and not unqualified) reasons why Christians might consider it. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Appeal of Chipotle

If you are privileged to live in or near a city that has the popular Mexican-food chain Chipotle, than you may be familiar with this recent ad of theirs. I like Chipotle and prefer it over Qdoba. However, the commercial (and accompanying iPhone game) are meant to send a message. So, what message are they sending? … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Are Online Comments Still Worthwhile?

YouTube and Popular Science recently announced new policies that either add greater restrictions on comments or remove comments altogether. In this social age, it seems like a given that people can comment on, well, just about anything on the Web; when sites take such actions, it may seem odd, perhaps even insulting. But as more sites take drastic measures regarding comments to combat spam, trolling, etc., perhaps we need to rethink the necessity of comments to begin with. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: What Is the Purpose of Shocking Television Content These Days?

There are plenty of television shows that push the envelope with sex and violence (e.g., Game of Thrones, True Blood, Spartacus). Some might see this as a sign of the medium's maturation. However, PopMatters' Cary O'Dell wonders if the increasing amount of "mature" content is "cliched way of proving that you are 'edgy' and 'adult'"—less about crafting compelling stories and more about simply pushing boundaries for the sake of pushing boundaries. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: New Study Suggests ‘Porn Addiction’ Is a Smutty Fiction

Chicago's RedEye reports on a recent UCLA study on porn addiction. While self-described porn addicts' compulsions do resemble those of shopping, gambling, and tanning addicts, brain scans demonstrate an essential difference in psychic processes: Brains hooked on porn show clear neurological signs of evaluating and choosing when presented with smutty images; those signs vanish for cocaine addicts presented with their drug. Redeye suggest that porn addiction is not its own disease, but a symptom … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Mean Pictures and Internet Bullying

Happiness as a Second Language author Valerie Alexander writes at The Huffington Post about internet bullying. She is outraged by cruel memes and mobile photos of our frumpy neighbors. Can we treat people as imago dei online too? … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Stephen Hawking on Assisted Suicide

To mark the release of a documentary about his life, Stephen Hawking was recently interviewed by the BBC. Hawking gave this reply when asked about assisted suicide: "I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their lives, and those who help them should be free from prosecution. We don't let animals suffer. So, why humans?" Thankfully, Hawking has bravely chosen to live and to suffer through his illness, even though doctors only gave him … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Edventure Project

The Miller family seems to have life figured out: They travel, live simply, and share their stories with others. Their hippie blog shares their lives as homeschooling global pilgrims who have ridden camels, met the Maya, and biked across Europe—all with four kids. Brazen and inspirational, the family shares stories as they travel, ending up on a different continent almost every year. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Should Churches Alter Their Worship Texts?

In addition to theological issues, the PCUSA's decision to not include "In Christ Alone" in their new hymnal relates to another issue, that of how churches should handle copyrighted worship materials. Or so claims Steve Thorngate, who performed an informal survey of church and worship leaders and found that a significant number will use songs for which they don't have the proper licenses, or will regularly change the words to suit their purposes. Though a seemingly trivial issue, Thorngate's a … [Read more...]