The CaPC Water Cooler: Glee, Episode 11-12 – Hairography & Mattress

Watch the episode here.See the previous Glee discussion.In the CaPC Water-Cooler series, we view a popular television show, movie, or other popular culture landmark and discuss it to death. Forgive the casual nature of the entries. We kind of like them that way.There are currently three ways to keep up:1. Keep refreshing this page, which will be updated regularly with links to the individual entries.2. Subscribe to our site in google reader or some other rss reader, and the entries … [Read more...]

A Christian Defense of a "Secular" Christmas

It starts every year, right after Thanksgiving, commencing with the biggest shopping day of the year and finally ending with the welcoming of a new year. It causes stress and intensifies family divides. Of course, I'm referring to the great debate about how (and whether) Christians ought to celebrate holidays.Indeed, the debate about Christmas has become just as common and all-consuming for many Christians as the holiday itself, and for many this is by design. Beginning with Thanksgiving and … [Read more...]

The CaPC Water Cooler: Glee, Episode 10 – Ballad

Watch the episode here.A lot of people have a lot of different opinons about Fox's new smash hit, Glee. One thing, though, everyone agrees on: Glee is unique. Glee delivers comedy, drama, satire, social commentary, and musical numbers week after week, and then releases albums that sell in huge numbers. It has become a cultural force faster than anyone anticipated, and it's destined to influence those we know. And even more fascinating, it has its viewers often feeling alternately frustrated … [Read more...]

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: Blue Like Jazz, All Grown Up

I had never heard of Donald Miller that day in 2003 when at a Christian book fair I found Blue Like Jazz for 4 dollars.  A quick survey of the book and I knew I held a true find.  With book open in hand I navigated around the room hardly looking up at all.  Thirty pages in, having confirmed its greatness I returned and retrieved the other few copies knowing I'd give them away.I liked the book because Miller was authentic in a way that I had not yet found in a Christian writer, that it seemed Ch … [Read more...]

Podcast #65: Being a Terrorist and Fighting Against Grenade Spam

Rich and Ben discuss not only the controversies surrounding the now infamous first person shooter, Modern Warfare 2, they also discuss the industry context in which the game is designed, published and marketed and how that should inform our decision making and thought process towards games like these. Plus, we share our top 5 dangers inherent in interacting with Popular Culture!Note: Forgive the lack of intro music, and any other rough edges. We are experimenting with a new … [Read more...]

Fee, The Glory of Jesus, and The Sound of Worship

Let's be honest: every Christian knows that worship albums have a distinct sound. Somehow, in some feat of sheer musical miraculousness, praise and worship artists often have  a way of making their albums sound like sophomoric attempts at song writing. I don't know what it is, or how to put my finger on the exact quality that makes them this way. I just know that most of them don't sound like music that I would actually sit around listening to. So, having said all that, why is it that I enjoy … [Read more...]

FlashForward and the Burden of False Guilt

Note: This post contains spoilers from Episode 7 of the show.In the first episode of ABC’s new drama FlashFoward, the whole planet blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds, leading to car and plane crashes, global panic, and at least one escaped kangaroo roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Ostensibly, during the course of the show, we’ll find out what caused the blackout. However, what seems more urgent to the show’s creators at this point is unraveling the mystery of human behavior in … [Read more...]

Rethinking Halloween…

As I grew up my family didn’t participate in Halloween. And by not participate I mean lights off, lock the door, and hide out. In essence Halloween was a yearly hurricane we had to weather and avoid. We survived the onslaught if we didn’t have to interact with anyone. Trick-or-treaters—avoided. Parents with miniature superheroes next to them—avoided. Other Christians—avoided.In recent years I’ve been thinking about whether that is a distinctly Christian response to Halloween or not. Ultimatel … [Read more...]

How "Taken" Challenged My Fathering

I have the world's most beautiful and precious two year old girl. Okay, I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, "I am biased." But I love my daughter more than nearly anyone in the whole world (with the exception of her mother who I love even more). But after having seen the movie "Taken" just last weekend my fathering was deeply challenged.If you're not familiar with "Taken" let me bring you up to speed. In the movie Liam Neeson plays retired CIA vet, Bryan Mills, who has moved to … [Read more...]

Modern Warfare 2: The Wrong Side of the Gun?

I had planned to acquire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Christmas, while giving the game to my father-in-law and brother-in-law as Christmas presents so we could all play together. This game was a no-brainer, and has been for about a year. This week, though, I had second thoughts.Earlier this week, a video was leaked onto the internet which purported to be a segment of the single-player campaign mode of the upcoming video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the video, the player was … [Read more...]