Why We Can Neither Boycott nor Ignore "The Golden Compass"

Dr. Francis Schaeffer was the prophetic voice of the 20th Century. He forewarned the Christian community of both postmodernity (before it was called postmodernity) and the real issues behind secular humanism. He was a brilliant man whose wisdom, epistemological skills, and grasp of the history of philosophy made him an awesome asset to the Christian community. He was a noted speaker with a worldwide ministry until his death in 1984.One thing, however, that Dr. Schaeffer said stands out in my … [Read more...]

Could You Play Gay?

I work a part-time job in a non-Christian environment. I am the only believer in my immediate work station, and I can think of only a handful or so of professing believers in my whole building. This can sometimes give me a unique voice in certain conversations, and because of that I get asked lots of questions. Some of the question are of a contentious nature, while other questions are purely out of curiosity. Recently my partner asked me one of the latter.Knowing that I am an evangelical and … [Read more...]

Sin So Clearly Displayed: A Review of American Gangster

Jesus made it very clear, “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 5:20). He holds us to a standard where “good” simply isn’t enough. So what does this mean, then, for “good” men? What does this mean for the just and upright, the honorable? What does it mean for good cops like Richie Robbins, who once found 5 million dollars and turned in every cent of it? And Richie is an especially worthy cop to mention here. He, al … [Read more...]

Podcast #17: Was American Gangster a Bad Idea?

Click here to listen!Ridley Scott's newest film, American Gangster stars a cold-blooded killer who is also a hip, likable, Robin Hood, family man type played by everyone's favorite actor, Denzel Washington. He kills and beats numerous people in the movie, and most of the time it turns out pretty well for him.The "good" guy in the movie, played by Russell Crowe - who's know to throw phones at random people's heads - is by contrast a horrible father and husband, kind of a loser, and not very … [Read more...]

Embracing Truth in Fiction

In response to our recent podcast, Sniping for Christ, Seminarian writes:"Are we giving young adults and men further justification that they do not need to grow up? Later, an assertion is made that 'Movies touch on the deep things of life.' Sure, they might, but for many we would have to expose ourselves to sin first, and most teens don’t sit and ponder the questions afterwards anyway."The argument is something I hear often from those who have decided they would rather avoid film, t … [Read more...]

Rear Window and Governmental Ethics

The threat of terrorism in our back yard has made this a new world that we live in. It has made our government wrestle with new questions and find new answers, and all at break neck speed. I have never been happier to not be involved in politics myself, let alone to be the president. These days there is political tension over everything, least of which is the subject of “rendition.” Rendition is the “handing over” of a person or property to another jurisdiction. In hot debate currently is the sub … [Read more...]

Podcast #13: The Little Show of Horrors

Click here to listen!With Halloween upon us, everyone will be itching to be frightened, and these days movies are just a bit more popular than the haunted house. Of course, this used to mean suspense, ghosts, maybe a murderer on the loose. But now, for some reason, it means staring at unlimited amounts of blood and gore for 90 minutes. These things don't scare, so much as they shock.So what has become of us? Why do we crave such exhibitions, and what will happen if we indulge ourselves? We … [Read more...]

Podcast #12: The Dumb Guy Archetype of the 21st Century

Click here to listen!In this show David and Rich discuss the current cultural emphasis on the idiocy of men. Also, they list their Top Five Stupid Films. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Podcast #11: Does the Emporer of the "The Kingdom" Have No Clothes?

Click here to listen!Remember back in the day, when Rich and David used to disagree on things? Man, those were the days. Fortunately, those days are back, and now Rich and David are convinced that the other is completely wrong! It makes for spirited conversation, and an interesting show!This time around, David and I saw a movie called the Kingdom. How was it? It was fun and meaningful! Or it was boring and overly pretentious! Or it depends on who you ask! … [Read more...]

Podcast #8: 3:10 to Yuma – A Flawed Hero

Click here to listen!We recorded our show on action heroes not realizing that we were about to come face to face with one of the greatest action movies we've seen in a long time. After David and I saw 3:10 to Yuma, we were pretty stunned. It was one of the most well-made, unique and unlikely movies we'd seen in a long time, and after chewing on it for a while, we decided we just had to talk about it.What makes a good Western? What makes a good villain? What's the true nature of bravery? … [Read more...]