Honoring the Difference Our Moms Made

For many of us, a faithful lineage of women has been the source of strength for our families. This Mother’s Day, Christ and Pop Culture honors these women by lending our voices to help girls in India who have been robbed of this vital support system. We are partnering with As Our Own, an organization that rescues girls in danger of exploitation and slavery. As Our Own promises to parent these girls as their very own daughters—for the rest of their lives. Celebrate the amazing women in your life t … [Read more...]

The Female Gaze: Etsy, Ravelry and the Chance for Real Representation

If you think that knitting is on the brink of becoming a lost art, you might want to think again. There's a lot of knitters out there who would politely disagree, and a surprisingly large bunch of them have made their craft into a full-time job. Aside from the obvious wooly occupations that might immediately come to mind (such as working for a yarn company, at a craft store, or teaching classes), hosting sites like Etsy and Ravelry have enabled something relatively new: Independent pattern … [Read more...]

What Memes Mean: A Disheartening Meme On Introversion

 Each Wednesday in What Memes Mean, Kirk Bozeman questions the significance, humor, and subtexts of viral videos, memes, and other Internet fads.My mother has often mentioned that as a boy I would abscond to my room for hours at a time, where she would later find me quietly absorbed and entertaining myself to no end with my set of plastic "cowboys and Indians".  She then usually notes with a chuckle that my sister was "not like that", she was always asking what we were "going to do n … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Dan Savage Bullies Christians

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.This weekend, there's a very good chance that you read or saw a friend link to one of the following articles: "Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens" (FOX) "ANTI-BULLYING CRUSADER ATTACKS THE BIBLE AND CURSES CHRISTIAN TEENS DURING HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH" (The Blaze) "Students Walk Out on Dan Savage" (CitizenLink) Dan Savage, author and … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Pregnancy, Ambivalence, and Faith

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.I am in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and I’m looking forward to the birth of my second daughter with relief and anxiety. As I count the days and try to predict when she will arrive, I recognize that I’m impatient for an unpredictable, life-altering event that may actually be harder than my pregnancy. But that seems unlikely.I recognize how much I have to be than … [Read more...]

Sacred Space: Feeding the Poor

Every Friday in Sacred Space, Brad Williams explores the place of popular culture in the local church.I have to say that I shudder when politics and faith become so intertwined that those outside of the church can hardly tell the difference. The reason I hate it is because politics, at least in an election season, tend to try to dumb down complicated issues to simple talking points meant to sway the ignorant. By swaying the ignorant, I do not mean dumb people, I simply mean that not everyone … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: Giving Grace to the Airline Industry

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.Bring up the topic of air travel, and you are likely to get plenty of harrowing tales about long lines, unpleasant food, white-knuckle turbulence, and frustrating airline employees. Air travel, in all its uncontrollable glory, is one of those first-world blessings that many people love to hate.Travel is stressful because travelers must yield to the almighty airline their s … [Read more...]

The Minority Report: Facebook and The "Loneliest" Generation

Every few months an article comes out like this one by Stephen Marche of The Atlantic which asks "Is Facebook making us Lonely?" We know that Facebook is helping us connect with more and more people but fear its encouraging us to connect in more and more superficial ways. Could it be that we are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness despite all our connections? If so, it would follow that today's teenagers, who grew up with access to social media would be the loneliest generation ever. The … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Mind, Body, and Breast—Public Discourses on Breastfeeding

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.Last week, the highest court of Massachusetts ruled that breastfeeding mothers are entitled to special accommodations during state medical licensing exams, which typically last 9 hours and grant 45 minutes of break time. This decision was prompted by Harvard medical student Sophie Currier, who petitioned for extra time to express her milk and was initially denied … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: T-Mobile's Good Girl Goes Edgy but Do Customers Care?

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.T-Mobile’s girl-next-door spokeswoman Carly Foulkes has traded her super-sweet personality and pink dresses for super-sassy black leather and some serious brooding. And she’s got a motorcycle.It’s all part of T-Mobile’s new "Alter Ego" campaign to redefine itself as a cutting-edge carrier (i.e., a leather-clad Foulkes) with a speedy wireless network (i.e., a blurry-fast motorcycl … [Read more...]