A Differing View of Worldview Criticism, Part 2: What's Wrong

In my first post, I considered the concept of worldview criticism and its popularity. Citing an article on the Focus on the Family website I gave the following definition for worldview: A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. “[It's] any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God, the world and man’s relations to God and the world,” says David Noebel, author of Understanding … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Cage Fighting, CCM, Oprah, and Violent Videogames

Drew “The Confessions of a Cage Fighter: Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Fear of Losing Control”This article from a former cage fighter is probably the best refutation of the type of masculinity that Mark Driscoll and Christian MMA fans promote that I have read.“Divided the Movie” Tim Challies reviews “Divided” a documentary promoting the Family Integrated Church Movement. Challies points out some glaring weaknesses in the film and the movement as a whole.Meghan O’Gieblyn has written a fascinati … [Read more...]

The Untamed Tongue of Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll loves Jesus and preaches the Bible. He loves missions, his wife, his church, and his city. Mark Driscoll also has an untamed tongue (Eph. 4:29; James 3:5).Last week Mark Driscoll posted the following comment on Twitter and Facebook: So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you've ever personally witnessed? Driscoll asked his many friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to join him in calling attention to men who don't fit his … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Christian Games, Harry Potter, Netflix, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Rich Kotaku has an interesting article about Christian game developers.Think Christian on the real problem with Transformers.Can games be spiritual experiences?  Don’t know if you heard, but Netflix made the world end this week. Here’s an even-handed article about it by Ian Bogost.Former CaPC writer, Chase Livingston has been hosting a “grief week” over at his own blog, with some great stuff there. Two of the entries are from CaPC writers.J. K. Rowling “came clean” about the Christian i … [Read more...]

Making Sense of "Culture Making", Part 5: The Jesus Effect

In Culture Making's previous chapter, Andy Crouch took some of the familiar Biblical stories concerning the origins and history of Israel and placed them within a proper historical and social context -- a very thought-provoking process that breathed some new life and understanding into said passages (for me, at least). He continues that approach in the next two chapters of Culture Making, which look at Jesus and the Book of Acts.Crouch starts his chapter on Jesus by drawing a stark contrast … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony and Her Many Judges

Before this week I had no idea who Casey Anthony was.Then, all hell broke loose in the form of a not-guilty verdict. A jury decided that this young mother was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of killing her two-year old daughter. All that could be proven was that she had tried to hide her daughter's disappearance and had not informed the police about it. If she didn't murder her daughter, then she apparently lied to the point that it cost her daughter's life. The public, it seems, is ha … [Read more...]

Making Sense of "Culture Making", Part 4: Israel & God's Irony

In Reaching for the Invisible God, Philip Yancey made an observation regarding God's method for interacting with the world that stuck with me for a long time:I think of God's style as "ironic." A more straightforward approach would respond to each new problem with an immediate solution. A woman gets sick; God heals her. A man is falsely imprisoned; God releases him. Rarely does God use that approach, however. An author of great subtlety, he lets the plot line play out in perilous ways, then … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Ebert, Quiet Films, Turntable.fm, Rob Lowe, and Banjo!

Jason The Swell Season tells us the true story about Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s relationship, even if it’s not the story we want to see. After Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident, Roger Ebert tweeted “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”, with the result being quite a bit of vitriol directed at the director. Read Ebert’s response to the criticism.Facebook is working with various music services, including Spotify, to provide an online dashboard to stream, r … [Read more...]

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 3: In The Beginning

In the first section of Culture Making, Andy Crouch took a fairly high-level view of "culture" and discussed such topics as defining culture, evaluating cultural goods, methods for bringing about and measuring the value and longevity of cultural change, and even a brief summary of the American church's engagement with the prevailing culture. As we enter the book's second section, and specifically, its sixth chapter, Crouch shifts from this high-level view to one that is very particular and … [Read more...]

The Vampire Defanged: An Interview with Susannah Clements

Carissa Smith recently conducted an email interview with Susannah Clements (Associate Professor of English, Regent University), author of The Vampire Defanged: How the Embodiment of Evil Became a Romantic Hero (Brazos Press, which kindly sent us a review copy). The book traces the vampire's evolution in pop culture, from its Christian roots in Bram Stoker's Dracula, through its postmodern iteration in Buffy, and finally to the sparkly undead of Twilight. Carissa: What, beyond the … [Read more...]