Making Sense of "Culture Making", Part 2: Worldviews and Cultural Change

My previous entry in this series -- read it here -- ended with some thoughts on Andy Crouch's discussion of the cultural impact of the Resurrection, arguably the most important event in history for Christians. Crouch was discussing how we measure cultural change and what brings about true cultural change, and made the insightful observation that an inverse relationship exists between the speed of a cultural change and the longevity of its impact. In other words, a cultural change that occurs … [Read more...]

Mocking the Misguided: Matthew Paul Turner and Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

For Christians who are trying to faithfully be in but not of the world, one of our chief concerns should be the rhetoric and tone we use to share and defend our faith. If we use a style of persuasion that is incongruous with our faith (for example, arguing that Islam is dangerous to American Constitution rather than sharing our faith with Muslims and seeking to live with it peacefully), then at best we will be ineffective and at worst we will bring serious dishonor to Christ. In a recent series … [Read more...]

Making Sense of "Culture Making", Part 1

I've recently begun reading Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling by Andy Crouch and will be blogging my way through the book, i.e., marking down intriguing ideas, attempting to digest what Crouch writes, and thinking about its implications.1. What is "culture"?Crouch -- a former columnist for Christianity Today and currently the editorial director of the Christian Vision Project at Christianity Today International -- begins his book in a fairly ambitious manner, by attempting to … [Read more...]

A Differing View of Worldview Criticism

"Yeah, I don't actually watch the Harry Potter movies." "Okay. That's cool. But, why not?" "They glorify and promote a pagan worldview." "Oh, because of the magic?" "Well, yeah, but it's more than that. There is all the symbolism, the wands, the spells, potions. It's all a part of pagan worldview, which teaches that God is in nature and inside of us, which is really pantheism." "Interesting" "It can also lead to some kinds of environmentalism which worship the earth as our mother. It's a really … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Pop Charts, Storytelling, Transhumanism, The Abstinence Movie, etc.

Drew Harvey Mansfield on Manliness and Morality. Owen Strachan responds with Man, Temptation, and the Gospel. John J. Thompson hears echoes of faith at the top of the pop charts.Our very own Jason Morehead has written an excellent Meditation on one of my favorite movies, Zhang Yimou’s “Hero”Matthew Lee Anderson on Madmen and Conservative Nostalgia.“Lying and art spring from a common impulse: to escape reality. Art is in fact a kind of lying, and lying a form of art . . .” Interesti … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Memorial Day, Kevin DeYoung, and How to be Patriotic

Last week Kevin DeYoung wrote a thoughtful post for The Gospel Coalition entitled Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day. In it, he makes five statements about how we should think theologically about our citizenship: 1. Being a Christian does not remove ethnic and national identities.2. Patriotism, like other earthly “prides,” can be a virtue or vice.3. Allegiance to God and allegiance to your country are not inherently incompatible.4. God’s people are not tied to any one nation.5. A … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: E-Readers, Ponycorns, Infinity Blade, Christian Film, etc.

Alan In the future, prisoners will be forced to mine for gold 12 hours a day in a virtual world. Oh wait, that’s now, in China. The future is here, and it’s terrible.The usability of e-readers is questioned in this post which cites a year-long study of how college students use them.Google’s philosopher? According to Venture Beat, Google has hired a philosopher to help them think through the ethics of their business. Damon Horowitz, the philosopher, is quoted as saying, ““Ethics is hard. . . . … [Read more...]

…by the Bell, Conclusion: Hopes and Fears

Read part 1 – Preliminary Discussion. Read part 2 – Chapter 1 & Introduction. Read part 3 – Chapter 2 Read part 4 – Chapter 3 Read part 5 – Chapter 4 Read Part 6 – Chapter 5 Read Part 7 – Chapter 6 Read Part 8 - Chapter 7Christ and Pop Culture writer, Ben Bartlett and guest-writer, Kiel Hauck, two friends who spend their Friday nights playing video and board games in between heated theological, social, and political discussions, come together to hammer out their thoughts about a book th … [Read more...]

What can we learn from the Rapture that wasn't?

May 21, 2011 -- the date that Harold Camping predicted would be Judgment Day -- came and went with none of the fanfare that Camping and his followers were expecting, i.e., the kind that might announce the return of Jesus Christ. The day, however, was full of a different kind of fanfare as the the "non-believers" reacted to Camping's predictions with a range of opinions, much of it of the disparaging variety. Of course, the issue isn't completely settled -- Camping made a secondary prediction … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Doctor Who, the Rapture, LA Noire, Fair Trade Coffee, etc.

Jason Calvin and Hobbes have returned... sort of.Acclaimed author Sara Zarr and her husband made a decision to not have children, but what does that mean now that all of her friends have children?Is Doctor Who’s The Doctor a Christ figure or a subverted Messiah?Season 2 of the BBC’s Sherlock -- one of my favorite shows from 2010 -- has officially begun shooting.Acclaimed director Lars Von Trier says he’s a Nazi and understands Hitler at a Cannes festival press conference and subsequently … [Read more...]