RetroPost: Your Life in 12 Words or Less

In RetroPost, we feature a post from at least one year ago (ancient in pop culture time). The posts are featured because they have some relevance to current happenings, because they are timeless in nature and speak to a relevant issue, or because we plan on providing a follow-up in an upcoming post.This week: In light of the recent twitter firestorm, we thought we'd spotlight an article our co-founder and editor, Alan Noble, wrote about the potentially harmful affects our facebook profile can … [Read more...]

Podcast #32: Tis the Season to Argue!

Click here to listen!This week: Rich and Ben take the gloves off and go head to head! Duels commence over the following topics: how Christians should celebrate Christmas, Twilight, and Redemptive themes in film. (SPOILER: They are still friends in the end.)Posts discussed in this show:The “Twilight” Movie: Redefining “Natural” by Means of the SupernaturalRobert Downey Jr., Walk the Line, and the Problem of Redemptive ThemesEvery week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss … [Read more...]

Robert Downey Jr., Walk the Line, and the Problem of Redemptive Themes

Often, your best friends also tick you off the most. No exception here. My buddy Drew constantly teases me about CAPC. He likes to pick on me for being a poor dresser, too, but he's basically right about that so I can't complain.His favorite joke is that at CAPC all we do is try to find, "redemptive themes," in movies. "Where was the redemptive theme in THAT?" he asked, 30 seconds after we walked out of "The Dark Knight."My friend's unfair (and uninformed) joking is a humorous pain in the … [Read more...]

Podcast #31: Shop 'til You Love Jesus!

Click here to listen!This week: Rich and Ben discuss the cultural phenomenon known as Black Friday, argue over a canceled TV show as metaphor for Romans 7, and discuss the implications of living in an iPhone Culture.Posts discussed in this show:My Own Worst Enemy: At War With MyselfRetropost: The Revolution Will Have to Call You BackOne Phone to Rule Them AllEvery week, Richard Clark and Ben Bartlett sit back and discuss the posts of the previous week on Christ and Pop Culture, … [Read more...]

Is Halloween Sin?

It's a simple enough question: is the celebration of Halloween a sin? After all, Halloween is the American adaptation of the Day of the Dead celebration. Legend has it that the Day of the Dead was the annual time of year when your dead ancestors and relatives came back to life to haunt you. The trend then was to dress up like scary monsters and creatures, and decorate your house with scary features in hopes that you might scare the ghosts away. As is common these days, of course, American … [Read more...]

Now it's the Mom's Turn!

You would have to be living in a hole to be unaware of the antics of Britney Spears or the public scrutiny surrounding her sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. But behind these two girls is a mother who you may not know much about. Now Lynne Spears sounds off in her new book, "Through the Storm", just published by Thomas Nelson.A lot of controversy surrounded this book even before it was released. Many billed this book as a parenting book and didn't understand why a Christian imprint, Thomas Nelson, … [Read more...]

Death By Love: The Gospel as Cultural Engagement

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle is known in the wider public sphere for his coarse speech, harsh tone, and for being the ex-emergent emerging pastor. His books are full of witty, if sometimes questionable content, and loads of criticisms against the church.His most recent book, however, is quite a surprise. It's not only not funny, but it contains a graphic nature that is entirely appropriate. Driscoll's book Death By Love: Letters from the Cross is deeply pastoral, theologically … [Read more...]

Podcast #29: The Podcast about Nothing

Click here to listen!Ben Bartlett and Richard Clark return triumphantly with an in depth discussion about pop culture's nihilistic tendencies, which attempting to avoid talking too in depth about the philosophy of nihilism itself. It turns out, nihilism is all over the place in popular culture, and it may not be such a bad thing. Tune in and find out why!Plus, Richard and Ben give really lame reasons for not having done a podcast in forever and they also count down their Top 5 Nihilistic … [Read more...]

The Day Community Came Back

On Sunday, God flipped a switch in Louisville. It was a single switch with two results: electricity turned off, and community turned on. As you may have heard, Hurricane Ike meandered its way to Louisville, Kentucky and took out 60% of the city's electricity, effectively rendering its inhabitants utterly devoid of television, video games, and computers. Instead, everyone went outside and played on an uprooted tree (I'll have a great story about that tree in the comments sometime soon), discussed … [Read more...]

Top Five Books on Religion in the South

After our guest post on Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, a couple of people have asked me what I would consider to be valuable reads on the topic of religion (specifically Christianity) in the American South. Here are my top five, presented in no exact order, a mix of fiction, memoir, anthropology, and history.1. Anything by Flannery O'ConnorYou had to know it was coming. After all, she is the one who coined the phrase "the Christ-haunted South." Yet, in the very same paragraph from which … [Read more...]