Called to Account by David Foster Wallace: The Pale King Wins the (CaPC) Pulitzer!

When the 2012 Pulitzer Prizes were announced on April 16, many readers, writers, and publishers were shocked to learn that there would be no winner in Fiction for the first time since 1977. Here's how the process works: the jury of three read over 300 entries and make a recommendation of three finalists to the board, who then vote on the winner. This year, the board could not achieve a majority in favor of any one of the three finalists: Karen Russell's Swamplandia!, Denis Johnson's Western n … [Read more...]

Invisible Ethics in the Tour de France

On Sunday, July 15th, riders in the 99th Tour de France faced an unexpected challenge as they began their ascent in stage 14, the Mur de Peguere: someone had covered the road with tacks, affecting over 30 riders. One crash claimed Croatian rider Robert Kiserlovski, who left the race with a broken collarbone. Eventual winner Bradley Wiggins made a precautionary bike change and defending champion Cadel Evans suffered three flat tires that nearly removed him from contention in the race. Wiggins, … [Read more...]

The Chick-fi-Asco: Why Boycotts are Awful

You've probably seen the name "Chick-fil-A" mentioned more times in the last week than in all of the other weeks of your existence combined. Therefore, I'm going to assume that you're familiar with the story of Dan Cathy's "guilty as charged" comment regarding anti-gay marriage opinions, and the subsequent social and mainstream media backlash and back-backlash that ensued. (If you're not, read this GetReligion piece or this post from Denny Burke.)This kerfuffle has lead all sides to invoke ug … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight Rises and Truth Has its Day

Editor's Note:***SPOILER ALERT*** We've had Nick write a commentary which is intended for those who have seen the film. Fair warning!Over at Christianity Today, Nick's commentary on Christopher Nolan's filmography, "Deception's Darkness," may be of interest as a complementary piece to his  take on The Dark Knight Rises. *** Unlike its predecessor, The Dark Knight Rises does not begin by dumping the viewer in the middle of a villain-reveal. Instead, Rises opens with Commissioner Jim Gordon a … [Read more...]

Obamacare, Citizenship, and Neighbor Care

As debate over the upheld Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) remains intense, I’d like to enter the fray by focusing on the individual mandate and the terms associated with the cost levied at those who opt not to purchase health insurance.Two key words—tax and penalty—are primarily used to describe this cost, and the most intense debate I’ve heard has been over which of the two the levied cost is. There’s actually a third term for the cost, which is unfortunately and all-too-often neglecte … [Read more...]

The Separation of Church and Patriotism

There are several songs in the back of our Baptist Hymnal that are listed under the heading of "Patriotic", including "The Star-Spangled Banner", "America the Beautiful", "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", and my personal favorite, "O Canada". Why is that one my favorite? Because I think it proves the point of why we shouldn't sing any of these songs during a worship service. If it is inappropriate to sing "O Canada" in Alabama while worshipping the Lord of All the Nations, then why is it okay to sing … [Read more...]

Sex & Thrones: Four Christian Views on Sex in “Game of Thrones”

There are two things you should know about Game of Thrones (otherwise known as the epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire). It is among the best epic fantasy stories ever written (sorry, Wheel of Time) and it is for "mature" readers/viewers only, really.Ever since HBO premiered their adaptation of the first novel last April, the popularity of the series has grown tremendously. The first episode of Season One attracted 2.2 million viewers (Wiki). By the season finale of the second seas … [Read more...]

How Having Children Changed Us

We asked various contributors to Christ and Pop Culture to respond to the question: "How has having children changed the way you interact with and think about popular culture?" Here are six varied responses to that question. Please share your own response in the comments. (Originally published August 2011)"Parenting Collaboration Business" by Erin Newcomb, writer: Nearly everything toddler-accessible in my kitchen is child-friendly; that’s the strategy I’ve used throughout my home, and it’s one … [Read more...]

How Should Christians Think About Gay Marriage?

Most days, I’m glad you can’t see the discussions that go on between Christ and Pop Culture's writers. They tend to consist of teasing, arguing, teasing, complaining about life and culture in general, teasing, countless inside jokes, and the occasional substantial conversation. It can be a little overwhelming. When I come home from work (where the ongoing conversation is unavailable to me), I often have to set aside over half an hour just to catch up on the flow of conversation from the day… and  … [Read more...]

Why Christians Shouldn't Write Off The Occupy Movement

Though it’s strapped for cash and coming out of hibernation, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to press on, six months after its fiery start on September 17 of last year. The resurgence of the movement is a chance for Christians to enter into fruitful dialogue about Christian parallels to the movement, as well as the spiritual insights derived from the protests.It seems as though most Christians paid attention to the movement for roughly the first month, made up their mind that the mov … [Read more...]