Aslan: The Grandfatherly God

Editor's note: This Friday Prince Caspian will be released in theaters to much (primarily Christian) fanfare. Since many of the concerns which were raised about the first film will likely return in Prince Caspian, it is fitting that the first post in our week long discussion of the Narnia adaptations should be a look back at the most controversial aspect of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: the denaturing of Aslan.On Friday, many Christians who will go see Prince Caspian will be doing so … [Read more...]

Forgiving Willoughby

The recent Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility gave the harshest portrayal I’ve ever seen of the character Willoughby, who seduces, impregnates, and abandons a young girl. This leads me to ponder two things: (1) Why, in our era of “tolerance,” does Willoughby suddenly get the shaft?; and (2) Is it important for us, as Christians, to forgive fictional characters? It’s hard to ignore Willoughby’s harmful actions in this adaptation of the novel, since it starts right … [Read more...]

Enjoying Culture without Being Consumed, Part 2

This is part two of a series. Read part one here.Enjoying Culture without being Consumed is a delicate balancing act, and I'm not claiming to be the tight-rope walker I ought to be. But I believe that we can gain our equilibrium if we remember a few truths:Enjoying the world around us is not bad. In fact, we are told to think on things that are worthy of praise, so whenever we encounter a cultural creation that we can praise--whether made by a believer or a non-believer--we can and should … [Read more...]

Trouble in Narnia

The more I hear about the upcoming Prince Caspian film (to be released May 16), the more worried I am about it. First, there was director Andrew Adamson’s promise (clearly supposed to excite us) that the movie would be “battles all the way through.” Then there was the screenwriters’ post on the official film blog indicating that they would be exploring the psychological difficulties faced by the Pevensie children as they deal with the transition from being Kings and Queens in Narnia to being scho … [Read more...]

What's So Great About 2008?

Even though Christ and Pop Culture is only a few months old, we've already had some wonderful conversations about popular culture and how we as believers should interact with it. To start off the year, I thought I would give my list of the pop culture events that I am looking forward to most in 2008. Over the next 12 months I hope to revisit each of these events as they unfold and as we continue to explore the way our faith speaks to every aspect of our lives--even pop culture.TV: Star Wars: … [Read more...]

Getting Our Bearings: A Review of "The Golden Compass"

“When Polar Bears Attack” is not the name of a new Fox Television reality show. It is instead the only remotely interesting part in an otherwise confused, tiresome, and overly-hyped film. The Golden Compass directed by Chris Weitz, was billed as another Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy epic film. It falls far short.For months we’ve been hearing, reading, and talking about the dangers of Philip Pullman’s atheistic children’s literary trilogy His Dark Materials. In particular we’ve been hearing ab … [Read more...]

Why We Can Neither Boycott nor Ignore "The Golden Compass"

Dr. Francis Schaeffer was the prophetic voice of the 20th Century. He forewarned the Christian community of both postmodernity (before it was called postmodernity) and the real issues behind secular humanism. He was a brilliant man whose wisdom, epistemological skills, and grasp of the history of philosophy made him an awesome asset to the Christian community. He was a noted speaker with a worldwide ministry until his death in 1984.One thing, however, that Dr. Schaeffer said stands out in my … [Read more...]

Podcast #14: Dumbledore's Coming Out Party

Click here to listen!It goes without saying that without Harry Potter there would be no show. What else would David have to bring up every single episode - relentlessly - without bringing up Rich's brilliant (Or misguided?) claim that Harry Potter was a Christ figure?Well, J. K. Rowling is clearly messing with our heads. A few weeks ago, she announced to the world, "I always thought of Dumbledore as gay."Okay... this is a good time for some awkward silence, and maybe a meticulous hindsight … [Read more...]