Four Things Miley’s Twerking Tells Us

Last night, Miley Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke at MTV's annual Video Music Awards, and everyone is abuzz over how provocative the performance was. (Earlier, Cyrus had said that she hoped to top Britney Spears and Madonna's infamous make-out session at the 2003 VMAs.) Overly sexualized performances are not a new concept and are certainly no stranger to the VMAs. Much like Spears and Madonna before her, Cyrus is now memorable because of the spectacle she caused. People will remember this p … [Read more...]

Science Offers Its Version of Immortality

There's a story one of my college mentors liked to tell. He was chaplain for our Protestant Bible Fellowship and sometimes attended schmoozey events. At one, a trustee remarked to him that he was convinced that due to medical advances, theirs was the last generation to die. The exchange was probably brief, since the response was almost certainly a perfect rendition of the King James: "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." Everyone knows we evangelical types don't go … [Read more...]

Corporate Culture and Christian Thought

I have heard the term "Christian Business Principles" as sort of a catch-all for moral goings-on in the free market. But that is simply understating how orthodox Christian theology can affect, and is affecting, corporate culture in 2013. Christians in the business world have access to much more ideological wealth than they may think. Christian business principles are not limited to morality and ethics, but can affect the culture of an organization in a profound way. While Christians in the … [Read more...]

What It Means to Love 90s Christian Rock—A Free Sample from CaPC Magazine

By Joel Heng Hartse. The following is a sneak peek at one exclusive feature that is otherwise available only in Issue #10 of the Christ and Pop Culture Magazine.For more features like this, and to read the other two exclusive features this issue, download our app for iPad and iPhone from Apple's App Store.After a one-week free trial, monthly and yearly subscriptions are available for $2.99 and $29.99 respectively. New issues are made available every other week. More information here … [Read more...]

Fighting Trafficking with Boom Bap and Rap

Welcome to that culture where we speaking loudThey crying out but all we do is quiet down.Crying over material, whining over appearance thoughGod these kids dying over things we’re ungrateful for.King Kulture: Stop the Traffic opens with these wrenchingly true lyrics by hip-hop artist Kidd. August 27, Rapzilla will release their second compilation album for a cause—this year supporting the fight against human trafficking. Featuring 20 different Christian hip-hop artists, inc … [Read more...]

How Spotify and other Streaming Services Create Legal Artist Sweatshops

Online streaming and downloading services have changed my life. Unfortunately, they've also saddled me with a great deal of guilt. The foremost example of my emotionally distressed relationship with Internet technology is Spotify. Before discovering Spotify several years ago, I was stuck in what you might call a "musical quagmire." I didn't like what I heard on the radio, and because I went through a years-long phase of listening to only "Christian" music following my conversion, I lost track of … [Read more...]

CaPC Magazine Issue #10 is Now Available: Nostalgia

The Christ and Pop Culture Magazine is available for download in the iOS app store for free. After the free sample issue, auto-renewing subscriptions are $2.99 for a month or $29.99 for a year. Each issue comes with six or seven high-quality articles, a mix of exclusive and curated content, and is offered up in an elegant and minimalist format with no ads, widgets or distractions, putting the emphasis on the reading experience.On top of all this, you’ll be helping to support the people beh … [Read more...]

“Finding Nemo” didn’t lie to your kids; Pixar just chose to focus on deeper truths

Finding Nemo is easily one of Pixar’s most successful and acclaimed films. The story of a father clownfish trying to find his lost son in the ocean’s vast expanse is incredibly entertaining, aesthetically beautiful, and more than just a little moving. However, The Fisheries Blog’s Patrick Cooney thinks it could’ve been even better, if only Andrew Stanton,Lee Unkrich, et al. had been a little more scientifically accurate in their depiction of the film’s main characters.In a cheeky post with th … [Read more...]

Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad?

I have a Bible app on my phone and I love it. I usually use it in the morning to listen to my daily readings as I putter around making coffee and becoming human again. I've sat down with a number of my students and helped them download that same app in order to show them how easy it is to read a chapter a day instead of spending those 5 minutes checking some inane Reddit thread that, like sugar with teeth, will eventually rot their souls. (I might have to pay for that one later.)That said, … [Read more...]

Why the Powerful Often Lack Empathy

Recently, NPR reported on a new scientific study showing a correlation between feelings of power and lack of empathy. Apparently, feeling powerful can block a part of our brain that helps us empathize with others, while feeling powerless can boost that part of our brain. We've all seen how power can turn some people into jerks. Now we partially know why.This study doesn't have implications for powerful people only, however; it has implications for all of us, powerful or not. Even if we don't … [Read more...]