Defeating Gnostic Forces In Fantasy Fiction

Kathy Tyers has more reasons than most to track the development of the new Star Wars films.While Disney may be the franchise’s new owner, able to continue its story in film, Tyers was among the first authors to explore that world officially after the (chronologically) final film, Return of the Jedi. At the recent Realm Makers conference for Christian fantasy writers and fans, she wonders aloud: Will the new films keep Luke Skywalker’s marriage that Tyers happily supported, and her role as … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Broken Down: “Buried”

For the final season of Breaking Bad, CaPC writers will look at some of the most important themes and moments from each Sunday’s episode. Breaking Bad Broken Downis a dialogue about one of our favorite shows. This week, Drew Dixon and Alan Noble look at episode 10, Season 5, “Buried.”Drew: What struck me about this episode is how utterly alone everyone is. Jesse is passed out in a play ground having thrown millions of dollar bills on the ground in the neighborhood. Walt spends half the episo … [Read more...]

Arguing Against Homosexuality Based On Its “Yuck Factor” is Gross

I love Thabiti Anyabwile. But I think he's really, really wrong in his article "The Importance of Your Gag Reflex When Discussing Homosexuality and 'Gay Marriage'." You should go and read Anyabwile's arguments, but if you have a bad case of the lazy, I'll sum it up: his claim is that an effective way to combat the current toleration of homosexual sex is to describe it, and that will work because people naturally think that it's gross. Anyabwile recalls an incident where gay marriage was … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: To a Wedding, and Beyond

My elder daughter has been waiting all summer for her uncle’s wedding; as the eventful day crept closer and closer, she started to generate more (and more difficult) questions for me. At first, she was concerned about her wardrobe: could she wear all white, like Cinderella? No. She convinced her uncle to let her wear a veil, actually, the one I wore at my own wedding. It felt so strange to pin a veil into my almost-four-year-old’s hair and then actually attend a wedding; it was one of those rare … [Read more...]

How “The Walking Dead” Solved Videogames’ Christ-Figure Problem

Spoiler warning. This article talks about the ending of several video games.  The man they call Master Chief has another name. In the first-person shooter franchise, Halo, the protagonist’s real name is John 117, an apparent reference to John 1:17, the biblical verse that reads, “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” In the Mass Effect series, you can name your character whatever you like, they can be male or female, and you can alter their facial featu … [Read more...]

Is “Hookup Culture” Really a Myth?

I’m usually suspicious of the “slippery slope”—that logical fallacy in which the arguer suggests that things just keep getting worse and worse. Most of the time, it’s used as fear tactic to keep genuinely good things from happening.That’s why I was, at first, mildly encouraged by the news that “hookup culture” is evidently a myth. That’s right—according to a paper presented at the American Sociological Association by sociology professor Martin A. Monto, there is “no evidence of substantial ch … [Read more...]

The Case Against “The Case Against Breaking Bad”

As AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad builds toward its conclusion, the hype builds right along with it. Fans and critics alike are lighting up the internet with all manner of adulation and, of course, goofy fandom. In fact it’s difficult to find negative reactions to Breaking Bad anywhere right now, as the show rides a wave of almost universal acclaim.In the elevated tradition of critical thought, then, Stephen Bowie over at AV Club has put together "The Case Against Breaking Bad", and it’s worth … [Read more...]

Shaming Sexists and Racists Online as a Form of Justice?

Earlier this year, tech consultant Adria Richards was attending a programming conference when she overheard two male developers make what she considered to be sexist comments. She tweeted a photo of the men to call them out, and sparked what would come to be known as "Donglegate." As a result of Richards' tweet, one of the developers lost his job, as did Richards. Meanwhile, blogs, Twitter streams, and comment sections discussed the affair with language that was frequently obscene in its hatred, … [Read more...]

‘Top Chef: Masters’ Celebrates The Communal Nature Of Art

After Project Runway bolted to Lifetime in 2009, Top Chef became Bravo’s signature reality competition series. As such, the network has sought to capitalize on the show’s popularity by creating various spinoffs, such as the sweet-tooth confection Top Chef: Just Desserts or the recent Life After Top Chef. Arguably the noblest entry in this cavalcade of successors, however, is Top Chef: Masters, which follows a format similar to the original show but features contestants who are already well- … [Read more...]

How the Psychology of Perseverance Can Help us Understand the Cross

Angela Duckworth of Penn (where I attend law school) has a fascinating look at cultivating perseverance in the face of unpleasant circumstances. It's a delightful read—really, so RTWT.I thought of my own aversion to the unpleasantness of it and then Jesus plunging into it, pouring out His divinity to muck around down here so we could kill Him. Duckworth argues that perseverance requires constant choosing—something we might suspect intuitively. But imagine choosing hunger, poverty, the stink o … [Read more...]