3 Things I Love About Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Award Acceptance Speech

Who knew? Ashton Kutcher is kind of amazing. At least, he is if this acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards is any indication:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuBSRC1zpHwAshton won the "Ultimate Choice Award," whatever that means. Judging from the speech, it's probably a kind of "lifetime acheivement award," where a "lifetime" ends after you're legally able to drink.I never really cared much for Ashton, mostly because I had some vague idea that he was kind of dumb, and also … [Read more...]

Remembering the Signs: God’s Word in a ‘Spell-Mageddon’ World

On July 24, ABC Family premiered its new competition show Spell-Mageddon. The show takes the traditional spelling bee format — popularized in recent years by films like Spellbound or Akeelah and the Bee — and adds a new wrinkle. Rather than competing in a quiet and controlled environment, contestants are subjected to absurd distractions while attempting to spell words jovially called out by host Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince’s Carlton Banks). Thus, for $10,000, participants may have to spell “vic … [Read more...]

Wearing ‘Christian’ Clothing Sets You Apart, for More Reasons than One

 Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti has shifted her interest in fashion, recently designing and launching a Christian-clothing company, God Inspired Fashion. The items range from skinny jeans to dresses, modest tanks for summer to a blazer for winter. "God-inspired clothing," says Bisutti, "is making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God's love. And that’s really what the world needs right now." I once worked at a coffeehouse with a woman who was n … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: The Borgias’ Twisted Version of Brotherly Love

Ever since I finished The Tudors long ago, I’ve been trying to catch up on The Borgias. I just watched all of Season 2 in a single week (my library’s limit for in-demand DVDs), and the show’s gruesome finale left me mulling over this twisted, power-hungry clan.I realize how loose historical interpretations can get, especially on Showtime. But the interpretation of the Borgia siblings’ relationships transcends distinctions of fact and fiction, drawing on historical speculation and biblical all … [Read more...]

Reza Aslan’s Grand Inquisitor

Reza Aslan’s new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, pits a "historical" Jesus against the orthodox Christian Jesus that founded Christianity and shaped Western Society. Non-Christians have been writing books that challenge the historical, biblical person of Jesus for millenia. And even though Aslan's Jesus has been getting a lot of press, I am not worried that Aslan is harming orthodox Christianity any more than I'm worried  A-Rod is ruining the entire sport of baseball by lyi … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Broken Down: “Blood Money”

For the final season of Breaking Bad, CaPC writers will look at some of the most important themes and moments from each Sunday's episode. Breaking Bad Broken Down is a dialogue about one of our favorite shows. This week, Alan Noble, Nick Olson, and Drew Dixon look at episode 9, Season 5, "Blood Money."Alan: At this point, we know the show going to be a tragedy, right? So the question for me is: Will anyone come out redeemed? Is that even possible at this point?Jesse's tremendous sense … [Read more...]

New Adult Fiction’s Unhealthy Marketing Gimmick

Somewhere between the Twilight series and The Nanny Diaries, publishing marketers decided that twenty-somethings lacked a relevant fiction genre. YA novels hold our attention and adult fiction contains the thematic content that we greedily consume, yet neither adequately address the awkward Peter Pan phase many millennials experience.In 2009, St. Martin’s Press challenged novelists to a contest in which they introduced the New Adult Fiction genre—fiction aimed at the average twe … [Read more...]

Aaron Hernandez and Stories of Violence

By Ryan MastersAs a lifelong Washington Redskins fan, I have always been indebted to the late Sean Taylor. Taylor was a free-safety whose speed and size made him basically a quick-shutting human gate. In his brief stint patrolling the deep middle of the field, professional wide receivers, grown men all, regularly dropped easy passes in fear. He is still the only safety that has been drafted in the top five in the past twenty years, and no one disputed that it was an excellent decision. He … [Read more...]

The Bucket List of a Four-Year-Old Kenyan Boy

Although I’m not a fan of the term bucket list, I have always liked jotting down my dreams for what I might experience in this life. The usual daredevil feats like skydiving and bungee-jumping have never graced my lists; instead, my slots are reserved for travel and reading and learning and seeing. My list would probably be boring to most, but from time to time when I stumble across it anew, my heart skips a beat, and I am reminded that I need to get busy living (as Morgan Freeman’s Ellis Boyd “R … [Read more...]

How Should We Then Upgrade Christian Fiction?

It’s a truth globally agreed upon: Young evangelical readers should be able to find Christian fiction beyond historicals, Amish romances, and subpar stories in all genres.What isn’t as universally acknowledged is how to fill this need.On July 29 The Weekly Standard’s Jon L. Breen arrived to this conversation and extolled author J. Mark Bertrand’s crime novels from Christian publisher Bethany House. In Breen’s view, Bertrand’s talents have been underappreciated and likely restricted: J. M … [Read more...]