Jesus Is an Opera Sensation

If you want America’s attention, claim that the Gospel stories were a fraud and that Jesus Christ did something else. The San Francisco Opera premiere of Mark Adamo’s The Gospel of Mary Magdalene is a sophisticated example. Adamo recycles the common historical revision that Jesus was no divine Savior at all but rather the lover of the prostitute Mary Magdalene. In an interview with NPR, Adamo relates that his “goal was to place sexuality, and female sexuality in particular, back into the center o … [Read more...]

Mad Men Recap 6.12 & 13: There’s a Good Man in that Homesick Monster

Mad Men Recap 6.12: "You're a Monster"The definitive image book-ending the recent Mad Men episode "The Quality of Mercy" is an overhead shot of Don Draper curled up in the fetal position--first on a children's bed in his apartment, then on the couch in his office. Awaking in bed alone, Megan finds Don curled up in the aforementioned position, and, concerned, orders him to take a "sick" day. Later in the day, then, Don and Megan go to the movies so that Don might escape pesky work calls. The f … [Read more...]

What Wendy Davis’s Filibuster Means for Christian Communion

by Rachana ChhinIf you have been swept up in all the news with the recent Supreme Court rulings on marriage, you probably have not heard about a significant event that happened in Texas. Around midnight on Tuesday night, after an 11 hour filibuster, the Texas special legislative session ended and with it a pro-life omnibus bill called SB5.There is much misinformation about what the bill actually does but, in essence, it comprised four parts. One part of SB5 would have banned abortion at … [Read more...]

Booker DeWitt’s Shotgun Baptism and the Tragedy of Cheap Grace in Bioshock Infinite

 If you’ve been tuned into conversations about gaming within the past few months or so, you’ve probably noticed that the Irrational Games Bioshock: Infinite is making a lot of waves. From its fully realized setting to its mind-bending plot, B:I has garnered a lot of critical praise and more than one “best game ever” nod. Of course, there are dissenters like Phil Hartup, who insists that B:I has nothing new to teach us ("What are we really learning here? That racism is bad? That religious … [Read more...]

CaPC Magazine, Issue #6: The DOMA, The Questions We Ignore About Technology, and More!

This week, CaPCMag is all about controversy. We delve into the stuff that divides us and try to come to some sort of nuanced and truthful place that somehow drives the conversation forward. In two exclusive features available only in the iPad and iPhone app we examine one controversy that's on the forefront of everyone's mind, and another controversy that ought to be more prevalent. To read these fantastic articles, make sure you download and subscribe now! (there’s a free trial if you’re uncer … [Read more...]

This Is Not About Gay Marriage

The following is an excerpt from an exclusive feature available only in Issue #6 of the Christ and Pop Culture Magazine. For more features like this, download our app for iPad and iPhone from Apple's App Store. After a one-week free trial, monthly and yearly subscriptions are available for $2.99 and $29.99 respectively. New issues are made available every other week. More information here. Too often, the term “gay marriage” lands on the table with a thud and Christians seize on the “gay” part. … [Read more...]

Whatever the Court Says About Marriage: Carry On

This morning, the Supreme Court will announce its decisions in the two so-called gay marriage cases. Anxiety is high across the nation. Hundreds of people lined up to have a chance to witness the announcement first hand; throngs of activists, spectators, and media will surround the entrance as the nation waits for the marshall to bring the court to order. Whatever happens, these cases are sure to be among the most anticipated, most observed, and most commented-on in the Court's long history. The … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Only Children Are Lonely and Selfish (Just Like the Rest of Us)

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.Some of my best friends are only children. There, I said it. They’re not spoiled or selfish, either. And when they talk about their childhoods, they don’t use words like “lonely.” I think sometimes in the rhetoric about how many children we (or better yet, other people) ought to have, we forget that families are complex. It’s as easy to cultivate cruelty among sibling … [Read more...]

Buzz-Kill Batman & the Myth of the Lone Hero

By David DunhamI can’t imagine that Batman would be very much fun at a party. He’s always so grim, a real buzz-kill. Of course, Batman would never really go to a party--he’s not much of a socialite. Even if someone did look past his brooding demeanor, he’s not likely to accept an invite. And he’s not the only character like that. There are a host of characters whose heroism is often accompanied by a deep isolationism. It’s easy to appreciate their caped-crusading antics, and yet we ought to c … [Read more...]

Actually, That Skywire Thing Was Pretty Cool: More Than A Mere Stunt

Also See: That SkyWire Thing Was Probably a Bad Idea: Invoking Jesus While Playing With Your LifeI've never been much of a sports fan. I couldn't understand the investment others made in attaining savant levels of knowledge about championship history, player statistics, and franchise migration. Frankly, I decided it was all some kind of cultural sickness. When I went to Iraq, my friend and sometimes mentor Francisco Gonzalez sent me a book that changed all that. On The Unseriousness of Human … [Read more...]