Through the PRISM: How To Submit to Authorities When They’re Spying On You

"Privacy" has taken on new meaning in our generation. When the Fourth Amendment was penned, the government had to physically break down doors or at least creep up next to a window or something to gather information on private citizens. Now, we voluntarily share most of our lives on social media, and all the rest is zinging around through cyberspace.For the most part, third parties do it for us - Google, Facebook, Verizon, our banks. When we use these services, we agree to give them our data … [Read more...]

According to Ira Glass, Christians Aren’t So Bad an interview in Ocotber 2012, Ira Glass, host of WBEZ Chicago's This American Life, talks about his own observations of how Christians are depicted in the media. Glass noticed that Christians were often shown as crazy in their lifestyle, in a variety of ways. What surprised Glass most is that the Christians he knew in his life were nothing like the kind that you would find in the media. … [Read more...]

A New Gospel-Inspired Peace in Honduras

I've been to Honduras, I think, four times in my life--twice that I can remember and a couple of trips when I was an infant. It's where my parents were born, my mother grew up, and a majority of my extended family still lives. My mom still goes back regularly to see our family in the capital city of Tegucigalpa and I'd love to take my wife there one day to meet them as well. It's a beautiful country with a rich culture and generous people. Of course, to me the best part of Honduras is my family, … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Valedictorian Prays but Should Christians Rejoice?

Each week in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and world. When the State announced that it would no longer include prayer during the graduation ceremony at Liberty High School in Pickens County, South Carolina, Roy Costner IV, a valedictorian, took matters into his own hands. The local school district had received complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation about school sponsored prayer in the … [Read more...]

Can Heterosexuals Learn from Gay Marriage?

Recently, I was perusing over at The Atlantic, and I came across an article called "The Gay Guide to Married Bliss" by Liz Mundy. In the article, she argues that heterosexual couples could stand to learn a few things from homosexual couples in relation to marital roles.Mundy lists three "rules" that she thinks are present and praised in homosexual couples.Rule 1: Negotiate in advance who will take out the trash and who will clean the bathroom. Mundy writes that homosexual couples do not o … [Read more...]

Damaged Goods & Thoughtless Unloading: Stop Giving Broken or Useless Junk to Disaster Areas

Like most people, when I see tragedy, I find myself heartbroken. I take in the images, the firsthand accounts, the details, the analysis. I wrestle with the elusive and mysterious reasons why, whispering prayers for the unknown victims. I remind myself that God is not absent, even though it may seem so if measured by the anguished faces.I silently, privately, selfishly, express gratitude that for the moment, tragedy is not on my own doorstep. In this honest place, I am reminded that my place … [Read more...]

Is Arrested Development Just a Funny Show and Nothing More?

Noah Glyn at NRO argues that Arrested Development is just a funny show: "A funny show. That’s it and nothing more. Not a metaphor for anything. Not an explication of anything, either." Because the show receives lavish amounts of attention, none of which can refrain from searching the depths of the show's plot, dialogue, set, and joke patterns for a deeper meaning. As a result, Glyn diagnoses society as delusional and obsessed. He goes on to criticize an admittedly silly post on WaPo's Wonkblog t … [Read more...]

The Scandal With ‘Scandal’: It Doesn’t Do A Better Job Of Tackling Racial Differences

If you've been following the ABC show Scandal, you know that it’s Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes’ latest hit, a political thriller featuring inside-the-Beltway crisis management whiz Olivia Pope. But the most fascinating aspect of the show is one that is barely mentioned: Pope, the lead character played by Kerry Washington, is black, the “first African-American female lead in a network drama in almost 40 years,” according to The New York Times. And yet in the 29 episodes of … [Read more...]

Social Shifting: Why Are Students leaving Facebook?

Two topics seem to always be on the mind of the news sites; what teenagers are like, and how social media impacts us. But guess what happens when the two come together?  We get controversy.And that's what's come about with the most recent story I found, which stated that teens are leaving Facebook. It all began when Josh Miller (the founder of Internet conversation-starter Branch) interviewed his 15 year old sister, who told him that as a teen, she doesn't go on Facebook as much anymore.   … [Read more...]

Lecrae is on Vine and He’s Kind Of Awesome at It

I had been vaguely aware of Lecrae for years. My reformed pastor friends all insisted that his music was like a rapped theology lesson, so naturally, I passed. However, I first truly discovered Lecrae with the release of Church Clothes, a masterful and brutally honest mixtape that signaled his intention to make rap music that was more authentic than pedantic. With his latest album, Gravity, he didn't disappoint, producing some incredibly self-aware and uninhibited rap music that managed to win … [Read more...]