Where’d You Go, Bernadette

If you haven’t yet read Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple (Little, Brown and Company 2012; out in paperback this month) it will likely be your favorite beach read this summer, so I won’t give away the ending.  It’s the beautiful and hilarious story of 15 year old Bee Branch’s attempt to understand what happened when her mother disappeared without warning on the day before they were set to leave for an Antarctic vacation. A modern epistolary novel, the book is Bee’s organization of the p … [Read more...]

Vikings Are People Too

On March 3, History Channel premiered its much-discussed miniseries The Bible, which proved to be thoroughly popular both on its original airdates and now on DVD.  But what intrigued me more was the show that followed The Bible’s premiere, History Channel’s first original fictional series, Vikings.  The series ended its inaugural season this Sunday but will return for a second season sometime in 2014.  The brainchild of former Tudors scribe Michael Hirst, Vikings follows the exploits of the semi- … [Read more...]

The Moviegoer: The Renovative View From Up on Poppy Hill

Each week in The Moviegoer, Nick Olson examines new and upcoming films.During an early scene in Gorō Miyazaki's From Up on Poppy Hill, our attention is directed to a high school in Yokohama, Japan. Poppy Hill tells the story of 16 year old Umi Matsuzaki who, in this particular scene, is sitting outside enjoying lunch with a couple of friends. Suddenly, the lunch is interrupted when, next door, a crowd of boys from the high school emerge dutifully from the Latin Quarter, an ancient, dusty bu … [Read more...]

Introducing: The Christ and Pop Culture Magazine for iPad and iPhone

We've always thought of Christ and Pop Culture as a ministry. For more than five years we’ve been working to create an outlet that models the way Christians ought to think deeply about the world around them, even the seemingly silly and trivial stuff. One of the major motivations for us is love for Christ, for art, for culture, for the church, and for you, the reader.Christ and Pop Culture started as a podcast; just two dudes discussing whatever came to their mind about the media they were p … [Read more...]

CaPC Playlist: Killswitch Engage, Beyonce, Shai Linne, MS MR, and Brad Paisley/LL Cool J

Brief thoughts on songs that are on CaPC writer's playlists. You can check out this week’s playlist on Spotify here.http://youtu.be/256xNjMgBVs"Always" - Killswitch EngageFrom their latest Disarm the Descent, “Always” is a picture of love through suffering, an acknowledgement of the momentary nature of human love and our fading legacy after we die. In these moments of loss and torment When the vast skies don't seem to call to you When the weight of this world bears down And the st … [Read more...]

Quitting The Internet Won’t Make You A Better Person

Several weeks ago, I wrote that there are times when I'd like to see the Internet burn to the ground. The event that I describe in that article, and the resulting controversy, vitriol, and hatred, might lead you to think that there's something off-kilter about the Internet itself. That maybe the amount to which we put ourselves online is having deleterious effects, and that if we spent a little more time offline, we might be better off as people.There may be some truth to that -- much has … [Read more...]

Have mainstream critics ignored the “Christian message” in Terrence Malick’s “To the Wonder”?

In a piece that's been passed around quite a bit, Damon Linker suggests that film critics in the mainstream media have, for whatever reason, largely ignored its religious outlook. Here's the key assertion from Linker: [T]he vast majority of mainstream critics have failed to treat [The Tree of Life and To the Wonder] as the profoundly religious — and specifically Christian — works of art that they are. Whether or not the silence is a product of the theological illiteracy and scriptural ignorance … [Read more...]

Podcast #118: Pam, Jim and the Office (Plus the Cussing TV Anchor)

Every week on the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in popular culture. Click here to listen!In this episode of the CaPC podcast, Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark and Associate Editor (we guess?) Ben Bartlett take time to contemplate the relational direction of the final season of The Office and how it reflects human nature. They also explore the various reactions to the "Cussing TV … [Read more...]

The Little Way of Ruthie Leming: A Lesson in Community

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, a French Carmelite nun, died of tuberculosis at the age of 24.  She lived what she called a “little” life. But because of the influence of her memoir, “The Story of a Soul,”  Thérèse quickly became one of the most popular saints of the twentieth century. Canonized in 1925,  Thérèse inspired thousands to follow her “little way” of commitment to love the tasks and people we meet in everyday life. It’s no wonder, then, that Rod Dreher refers obliquely to St. Thérèse in the … [Read more...]

God and Country Music: The Salvation of George Jones

Each week in God and Country Music, Nick Rynerson gives country music a chance and examines the world of Americana, folk, alt-country, and popular country music.The passing of George Jones this past week brought about a storm of nostalgic tribute from NPR and The New York Times and even Russell Moore. And at this point, there isn’t much that can be said that hasn’t been. Jones (or “The Possum”) was one of the most influential musicians in 20th century American Country. His distinct style was … [Read more...]