Music Matters: In Search of 90’s CCM that Doesn’t Suck

Each Tuesday in Music Matters, Matthew Linder explores the intersections of music, culture and faith.A search for Contemporary Christian Music from the 1990's that is aesthetically pleasing and theologically rich.Flavorwire recently provided their list of “In Search of Christian Music that Doesn’t Suck” which includes U2, Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion and Faith + 1 (that's right, a fake band from an episode of South Park). Not to be outdone, I completed my own search but specifi … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Women: Lilly Pulitzer and Margaret Thatcher

The strange thing about death is how it inspires many of the living to speak in hyperbole. Last week, we lost an "icon" who "brought together generations" and "reinvented" how things were done.And if that's how fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer is spoken of, you can imagine what's being said about Margaret Thatcher.Ms. Pulitzer died on Sunday in her home in Palm Beach. Her signature preppy and slightly nautical aesthetic, a uniform for the country club set, was pretty and easily wearable. … [Read more...]

Painting Pinterest in a Positive Light

Let's pretend, for a moment, that it's 5 o'clock on a weeknight and you have no idea what to do for dinner. If you're like me, this describes you on any given night of the week. I absolutely love to cook, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I don't do a good job of menu planning and all that entails. Lucky for me, there's Pinterest. With a simple search, such as blackbean burgers, there are more recipes than I know what to do with.And Pinterest is not just for recipes. What if I don't know how … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Wary of Christian Music for Kids

A few days ago, I shared a list of some of the best available Christian music for kids. Although we play the cds I wrote about constantly in the car, because my kids request them, I do still have some reservations about my kids listening to too much “Christian” music. Learning Scripture out of context Many albums written for children are created to foster Scripture memory. With titles like “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart” and “Hidden In Your Heart,” these albums aim to help kids commit verses to memory … [Read more...]

The “Gosnell Media Blackout” is Really Just Human Nature, Also Horrible

I'm already tired of hearing about the "media blackout" of the abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial. Can we impose a blackout on covering the blackout already?It has been over a week since LifeNews hyperbolically declared that NPR had finally caught up to the local papers and "some stories from the Associated Press." The Philadelphia Inquirer may not be a national media outlet, but it's hardly the Podunk Weekly. And you may recognize the Associated Press as the newswire agency that … [Read more...]

‘Who Are You Sleeping With?’ My Conversation with Timothy Keller

So, I was talking to Tim Keller this week when the topic of sex came, wait, that's not right.Let's reframe that without me lying. I managed to snag a ticket to the Gospel Coalition's 2013 National Conference this week and sit in on a breakout session on the subject of revival by Dr. Keller. He gave a brief recap of some of the material in his recent book Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City for those who hadn't encountered it yet.In a nutshell, his … [Read more...]

Who Do We Blame for the Emergency Contraceptives-for-Kids Ruling?

The New York Times headline on Friday likely caused readers to perform a Maggie Smith-esque double take: "Judge Overturns Age Limit to Buy a Contraceptive." That's a weird way of saying it, so to limit exposure to the seven or eight print subscribers the Times still enjoys, the online headline was a little different: "Judge Strikes Down Age Limits on Morning-After Pill." A little better, but still -- what? How does a single federal judge in New York City make a decision like that for the entire … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Machiavelli and the Pruning Parent

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.I have come to believe that the slippery slope, while fallacious when used in writing, applies to parenting. To put it more colloquially, give kids an inch, and they’ll stomp all over you for a mile. I don’t mean to say that I parent tyrannically, but that any exception to the reasonable, memorable, and well-established household behavioral standards requires an i … [Read more...]

Skyrim: For Christians! Finally!

It has been asked before, and answered by our own Alan Noble, whether or not Christians should play Skyrim. If there were any lingering doubts, all angst has been cleared up by the add-on Hearthfire. Fear not, my wounded-conscience Christian! At last you can live a wholesome life in the wild and pagan land of Skyrim. With this little gem of an update, you can buy a piece of property and build your own house by mining the clay, quarrying the stone, and buying the lumber yourself. Your new mansion … [Read more...]

Breaking News: ‘Accidental Racist’ Fixes Racism!

After a tumultuous 394-year history, the volatile racial tension caused by cultural misunderstandings (slavery), social stigma (slavery), and politics (slavery) is over. African-American ambassador LL Cool J and the white cultural attaché, Brad Paisley, signed the cultural armistice after lengthy deliberation on the two groups’ historic conflicts of interest (slavery). “The relationship between the Mason-Dixon needs some fixin,” commented Cool J before the summit. The release of their joint song … [Read more...]